The Complete Book of Bible Basics

Ön Kapak
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2005 - 390 sayfa
An introduction to the Bible features information on more than 1,200 key people, places, events, and facts about the Bible and the church, including a quick synopsis of every book, introductions to the major characters of the Old and New Testaments, a time line showing the complete history of the Christian church, explanations of key words and phrases from scripture, accompanying maps, and more.

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Not what I expected

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - thatlinda -

I was expecting to find a book that would introduce a new Bible reader to the Bible. How to understand the basics and know where to look.. I will keep looking. I am looking for a Bible Basics for a ... Tam incelemeyi okuyun

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - Frank Sauer -

As a sometimes Sunday school teacher, I say you can't beat this book for helping with a quick brush-up. And its pricing makes it a tremendous buy. I'd also recommend it as a great gift for teens going through confirmation classes, too. Tam incelemeyi okuyun


Quotations from the Bible
Key Events in the
Church History
Church Life and Theology
Biblically Literate
Telif Hakkı

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