Dante's Vita nuova: together with the version of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Ön Kapak
Chatto & Windus, 1908 - 274 sayfa

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Sayfa li - Her dress, on that day, was of a most noble colour, a subdued and goodly crimson, girdled and adorned in such sort as best suited with her very tender age. At that moment, I say most truly that the spirit of life, which hath its dwelling in the secretest chamber of the heart, began to tremble so violently that the least pulses of my body shook therewith ; and in trembling it said these words : Ecce deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur mihi...
Sayfa 204 - WITHIN the gentle heart Love shelters him As birds within the green shade of the grove. Before the gentle heart, in nature's scheme. Love was not, nor the gentle heart ere Love. For with the sun, at once. So sprang the light immediately ; nor was Its birth before the sun's. And Love hath his effect in gentleness Of very self ; even as Within the middle fire the heat's excess.
Sayfa 100 - Levava gli occhi miei bagnati in pianti, E vedea, che parean pioggia di manna, Gli Angeli che tornavan suso in cielo; Ed una nuvoletta avean davanti, Dopo la qual gridavan tutti: Osanna; E s'altro avesser detto, a voi dire'lo. Allor diceva Amor: più non ti celo; Vieni a veder nostra donna che giace. L...
Sayfa 98 - Nel vano immaginare, ov' io entrai; Ed esser mi parea non so in qual loco, E veder donne andar per via disciolte, Qual lagrimando, e qual traendo guai, Che di tristizia saettavan foco. Poi mi parve vedere a poco a poco Turbar lo sole ed apparir la stella, E pianger egli ed ella; Cader gli augelli volando per l'are, E la terra tremare; Ed uom m'apparve scolorito e fioco, Dicendomi: 'Che fai? non sai novella? Morta è la donna tua, ch'era sì bella.
Sayfa 129 - HOW doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people ! How is she become as a widow ! she that was great among the nations, And princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!
Sayfa 63 - Wherefore I will not speak in such large kind That mine own speech should foil me, which were base; But only will discourse of her high grace In these poor words, the best that I can find, With you alone, dear dames and damozels : 'Twere ill to speak thereof with any else.
Sayfa 1 - I signify what thing has to be answered to. The second part commences here: "Of those long hours." To this sonnet I received many answers, conveying many different opinions; of the which, one was sent by him whom I now call the first among my friends, and it began thus, "Unto my thinking thou beheld'st all worth...
Sayfa 91 - And so strong was this idle imagining, that it made me to behold my lady in death; whose head certain ladies seemed to be covering with a white veil; and who was so humble of her aspect that it was as though she had said, "I have attained to look on the beginning of peace.
Sayfa l - Ella era in questa vita già stata tanto, che ne lo suo tempo lo cielo stellato era mosso verso la parte d'oriente de le dodici parti l'una d'un grado, sì che quasi dal principio del suo anno nono apparve a me, ed io la vidi quasi da la fine del mio nono.
Sayfa 120 - Tanto gentile e tanto onesta pare La donna mia, quand" ella altrui saluta, Ch' ogni lingua divien tremando muta E gli occhi non l

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