Theosophical Quarterly Magazine 1907

Ön Kapak
Helene Petrovna Blavatsky
Kessinger Publishing, 1 Mar 2003 - 228 sayfa
1907. The Theosophical Quarterly is not designed to compete with, but to supplement The Theosophical Forum. It aims to cover those fields of theosophical activity and interest which the older magazine does not attempt to enter. It does not have any plans that are not fluidic and subject to change with changing conditions. It endeavors to meet certain known needs through the following departments: Notes and Comments; Republished Articles; Elementary Articles; Activities of the TS; Questions and Answers; Reviews; and Correspondence Class. Found within are articles on religious, philosophical and ethical subjects. Sample articles found include: Exoteric and Esoteric Teaching; Personal Idealism and Mysticism; Page of the Apocalypse; Mystical Movements of the Middle Ages; Christian Science; Self-Control; Madam Guyon.

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