An Etymological Dictionary of the Latin Language

Ön Kapak
A. J. Valpy, sold by Baldwin and Company, 1828 - 550 sayfa

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Sayfa 498 - primus Ascanius, longam muris cum cingeret Albam, Retulit et priscos docuit celebrare Latinos, Quo puer ipse modo, secum quo Troia pubes, Albani docuere suos : hinc maxima porro Accepit Roma, et
Sayfa 368 - They shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig-tree, and none shall make them afraid."*
Sayfa 475 - Unam longe ante alias specie ac pulchritudine insignem a globo Talassii cujusdam raptam ferunt. Multisque sciscitantibus cuinam earn ferrent, identidem ne quis violaret, Talassio ferri clamitatum. Inde nuptialem hanc vocem factam.
Sayfa 221 - called from a separation in the middle of their bodies, whereby they are cut into two parts, which are joined together by a small ligature, as we see in wasps.
Sayfa 289 - The piece of tender air thy virtuous daughter which we call mollis a'er; and mollis a'er we term it mulier.
Sayfa 443 - The right hand is that which custom and those, who have brought us up, have ordered or directed us to use in preference, when one hand only
Sayfa i - of the Latin Etymologists to fly to the Hebrew for whatever they cannot find in the Greek :—for the Romans were not a mixed colony of Greeks and Jews, but of Greeks and Goths, as the whole of the Latin language most plainly evinces.
Sayfa 541 - out with a line, he fitteth it with planes, and he marketh it out with the compass,
Sayfa 262 - Res mancipi were those things which might be sold and alienated, or the property of them transferred from one person to another by a certain rite used among Roman citizens only; so that the purchaser

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