Peacemaking: Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future

Ön Kapak
Judith Presler, Sally J. Scholz
Rodopi, 2000 - 311 sayfa
Peacemaking includes a large array of activities from local to global attempts to attain peace. It includes consideration of international, interstate, and intertribal conflict resolution; communal, personal, and interpersonal social justice; deterrence of the use of nuclear weapons; design of international treaties that prevent war or other forms of international conflict; disarmament; international organizations that secure the order among nations; and even, from some points of view, war. As the 20th century drew to a close, we have witnessed peacemakers trying to end ethnic cleansing, reinstate justly elected political leaders, and reach compromises in the ideological differences that perpetuate age-old conflicts. We also see peacemaking in our schools, homes, and workplaces.
Philosophers have long been interested in peacemaking in one form or another, and philosophical accounts of peacemaking reflect the variety of perspectives, methods, and activities developed in pursuing peacemaking. In some instances, philosophers expand upon the situations, activities, and methods of the peacemaker in the field. The essays in this volume propose some theoretical arguments for various aspects of peacemaking, offer nonmilitary alternatives to war, and discuss practical examples of peacemaking in daily life. The contributors analyze power relations, language, social groupings, and distribution of resources. At times, they draw insight from social and historical models of conflict and conflict-resolution. This collection of essays on peacemaking aims to enlighten contemporary social and political discussions and contribute to achieving the ever-challenging goal of peace.

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ONE Moral Foundations of Political Negotiations
TWO Common Morality and Peacemaking
A Critique
FOUR Justice as Structure and Strategy of Peace
FIVE Ambiguous Roles of Religions in War and Peace
Platonic Psychology
SEVEN Reflections on Caring and Peace Politics
ELEVEN Nonmilitary Responses to Nuclear Threat
TWELVE Sovereignty and Positive Peace
THIRTEEN Jane Addamss Pragmatist Pacifism
SIXTEEN Catcalls and Military Strategy
SEVENTEEN RaceMaking as the Process of Enmification
Parallels and Analogies
About the Authors
Telif Hakkı

NINE Peacekeeping Peacemaking and Military Force

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