Timaeus of Tauromenium and Hellenistic Historiography

Ön Kapak
Cambridge University Press, 2013 - 301 sayfa
Timaeus of Tauromenium (350-260 BC) wrote the authoritative account of the Greeks in the Western Mediterranean. Like almost all the Hellenistic historians, his work survives only in fragments. Beyond an up-to-date treatment of this important author, this book shows that both the nature of the evidence and modern assumptions about historical writing in the Hellenistic period have skewed our treatment and judgement of lost historians. For Timaeus, much of our evidence is preserved in the polemical context of Polybius' Book 12. When we move outside that framework and examine the fragments of Timaeus in their proper context, we gain a greater appreciation for his method and his achievement, including his use of polemical invective and his composition of speeches. This examination of Timaeus also conveys a broader impression of the major lines of Hellenistic historiography.

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Timaeus life and Works
Rome and beyond
Polybius and Timaeus
A stranger in a strange land? Timaeus in Athens
Polemical invective and the Hellenistic historians craft
The missing link? Pythagoras and Pythagoreans in Timaeus
Timaeus and his speeches
the shape of Timaeus Histories
Herodotean historiography in the Hellenistic age
Index locorurn
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Christopher A. Baron is an Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, where he teaches the history of Ancient Greece, the age of Alexander, Classical historiography, and democracy and the Greeks, as well as reading courses in Greek prose authors.

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