William Cowpers Stellung zur Religion

Ön Kapak
J. Unverdorben & Company, 1907 - 52 sayfa
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Sayfa 10 - My panting side was charged, when I withdrew To seek a tranquil death in distant shades There was I found by one who had himself Been hurt by th
Sayfa 15 - The path of sorrow, and that path alone, Leads to the land where sorrow is unknown : No traveller ever reached that blest abode, Who found not thorns and briars in his road.
Sayfa 19 - Their real interest to discern; That brother should not war with brother, And worry and devour each other; But sing and shine by sweet consent, Till life's poor transient night is spent, Respecting in each other's case The gifts of nature and of grace. Those Christians best deserve the name, Who studiously make peace their aim ; Peace, both the duty and the prize Of him that creeps and him that flies.
Sayfa 40 - Though thy clime Be fickle, and thy year most part deform'd With dripping rains, or wither'd by a frost, I would not yet exchange thy sullen skies, And fields without a flower, for warmer France With all her vines ; nor for Ausonia's groves Of golden fruitage, and her myrtle bowers.
Sayfa 44 - Slaves cannot breathe in England ; if their lungs Receive our air, that moment they are free; They touch our country, and their shackles fall.
Sayfa 9 - I think I remember something like a glow of gratitude to the Father of mercies, for this unexpected blessing, and that I ascribed it to his gracious acceptance of my prayers. But Satan, and my own wicked heart, quickly persuaded me that I was indebted for my deliverance to nothing but a change of scene, and the amusing varieties of the place. By this means he turned the blessing into a poison...
Sayfa 36 - Aber süßer ist noch, schöner und reizender, In dem Arme des Freunds wissen, ein Freund zu sein! So das Leben genießen, Nicht unwürdig der Ewigkeit!
Sayfa 10 - Thy silver locks, once auburn bright, Are still more lovely in my sight Than golden beams of orient light, My Mary! For could I view nor them nor thee, What sight worth seeing could I see? The sun would rise in vain for me, My Mary! Partakers of thy sad decline, Thy hands their little force resign; Yet, gently prest, press gently mine, My Mary!
Sayfa 14 - ... scripture while in the very act of rebellion against its dictates. Lamentable inconsistency of a convinced judgment with an unsanctified heart! An inconsistency indeed evident to others as well as to myself, inasmuch as a deistical friend of mine with whom I was disputing upon the subject cut short the matter by alleging that if what I said were true I was certainly damned by my own showing.
Sayfa 23 - I venerate the man whose heart is warm, Whose hands are pure, whose doctrine and whose life, Coincident, exhibit lucid proof That he is honest in the sacred cause.

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