The Militants: Stories of Some Parsons, Soldiers, and Other Fighters in the World

Ön Kapak
C. Scribner's sons, 1907 - 376 sayfa

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Sayfa 151 - How oft do they their silver bowers leave, To come to succour us, that succour want? How oft do they with golden pinions cleave The flitting skies, like flying pursuivant, Against foul fiends to aid us militant?
Sayfa 342 - Till he melted like a cloud in the silent summer heaven ; But Sir Richard bore in hand all his sick men from the land Very carefully and slow, Men of Bideford in Devon, And we laid them on the ballast down below: For we brought them all aboard, And they blest him in their pain, that they were not left to Spain, To the thumb-screw and the stake, for the glory of the Lord.
Sayfa 340 - Four galleons drew away From the Spanish fleet that day, And two upon the larboard and two upon the starboard lay, And the battle-thunder broke from them all.
Sayfa 7 - AM I a soldier of the cross, A follower of the Lamb? And shall I fear to own his cause, Or blush to speak his name?
Sayfa 342 - And the sun went down, and the stars came out far over the summer sea, But never a moment ceased the fight of the one and the fifty-three. Ship after ship, the whole night long, their high-built galleons came, Ship after ship, the whole night long, with her battlethunder and flame ; Ship after ship, the whole night long, drew back with her dead and her shame.
Sayfa 102 - LORD, we beseech Thee, mercifully hear our prayers, and spare all those who confess their sins unto Thee ; that they, whose consciences by sin are accused, by Thy merciful pardon may be absolved ; through Christ our Lord.
Sayfa 103 - Christ, hear us. Lord, have mercy upon us and deal not with us according to our sins, neither reward us according to our iniquities.
Sayfa 166 - Since, with pure and firm affection, Thou on God hast set thy love, With the wings of His protection, He will shield thee from above.
Sayfa 339 - Sir Richard spoke and he laugh'd, and we roar'da hurrah, and so The little Revenge ran on sheer into the heart of the foe, With her hundred fighters on deck, and her ninety sick below; For half of their fleet to the right and half to the left were seen, And the little Revenge ran on thro
Sayfa 100 - And all that sat in the council, looking stedfastly on him, saw his face as it had been the face of an angel.

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