The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography: A Series of Original Memoirs of Distinguished Men, of All Ages and All Nations, 2. bölüm

Ön Kapak
William Mackenzie, 22 Paternoster Row; Howard Street, Glasgow; South Bridge, Edinburgh, 1857 - 948 sayfa

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Sayfa 645 - What evidence have I for this doctrine, that all the objects of my knowledge are ideas in my own mind ? From that time to the present, I have been candidly and impartially, as I think, seeking for the evidence of this principle ; but can find none, excepting the authority of philosophers.
Sayfa 673 - Robert entertained an hundred tall men and good archers with such spoils and thefts as he got, upon whom four hundred (were they ever so strong) durst not give the onset. He suffered no woman to be oppressed, violated, or otherwise molested; poor men's goods he spared, abundantly relieving them...
Sayfa 689 - Company had 800,000/. worth of gold to sell. I went to the sale, and bought it all. I knew the Duke of Wellington must have it. I had bought a great many of his bills at a discount. The Government sent for me, and said they must have it. When they had got it, they did not know how to get it to Portugal. I undertook all that, and I sent it through France, and that was the best business I ever did.
Sayfa 724 - Wanderer, the man of exalted sentiments, extensive views, and curious observations; the man whose remarks on life might have assisted the statesman, whose ideas of virtue might have enlightened the moralist, whose eloquence might have influenced senates, and whose delicacy might have polished courts.
Sayfa 689 - I made good profit. I soon found that there were three profits — the raw material, the dyeing, and the manufacturing. I said to the manufacturer, " I will supply you with material and dye, and you supply me with manufactured goods.
Sayfa 616 - ... turned apostate from those good affections, and, according to the custom and nature of apostates, was become the greatest enemy to the liberties of his country, and the greatest promoter of tyranny that any age had produced...
Sayfa 614 - Author he has faithfully endeavoured a just imitation of the most fam'd Italian Masters ; principally, to bring the Seriousness and gravity of that sort of Musick into vogue, and reputation among our Country-men, whose humour, 'tis time now, should begin to loath the levity and balladry of our neighbours...
Sayfa 668 - And it is worse than death, aye, worse than a hundred thousand deaths, when a people has gravitated down into the creed that the
Sayfa 602 - Never better in my life," said the Bishop, " only I have too great a stomach; for I have eaten that little plate which the sequestrators left me. I have eaten a great library of excellent books. I have eaten a great deal of linen, much of my brass, some of my pewter, and now I am come to eat iron; and what will come next I know not.
Sayfa 700 - Lastly : although there was no definite religious sentiment mingled with it, there was a continual perception of Sanctity in the whole of nature, from the slightest thing to the vastest; — an instinctive awe, mixed with delight ; an indefinable thrill, such as we sometimes imagine to indicate the presence of a disembodied spirit. I could only feel this perfectly when I was alone ; and then it would often make me shiver from head to foot with the joy and fear of it...

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