A descriptive catalogue of the minerals and fossil organic remains of Scarborough and the vicinity [by F. Kendall].

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Sayfa 308 - These are thy glorious works, Parent of good, Almighty, thine this universal frame, Thus wondrous fair; thyself how wondrous then ! Unspeakable, who sitt'st above these heavens, To us invisible, or dimly seen In these thy lowest works; yet these declare Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine.
Sayfa 140 - And how, of thousand snakes, each one Was changed into a coil of stone, When holy Hilda prayed ; Themselves, within their holy bound, Their stony folds had often found. They told, how sea-fowls...
Sayfa 255 - Saint Cuthbert sits, and toils to frame The sea-born beads that bear his name : Such tales had Whitby's fishers told, And said they might his shape behold, And hear his anvil sound ; A deaden'd clang, — a huge dim form, Seen but, and heard, when gathering storm And night were closing round.
Sayfa 288 - The bones were covered five or six feet with the water every full sea, and were about nine or ten yards from the cliff, which is nearly perpendicular, and about sixty yards high, and is continually wearing away by the sea washing against it: and, if I may judge by what has happened in my own memory, it must have extended beyond these bones less than a century ago. There are several regular strata or layers of stone, of some yards thickness, that run along the cliff nearly parallel to the horizon...
Sayfa 286 - And about four years afterwards, the (keleton, or petrified bones of a horse, were found in the alumworks at Saltwick, at the depth of about thirty yards under ground, which were taken up with much care, though not without out being considerably broken, and sent as a natural rarity to the university of Aberdeen...
Sayfa 285 - About the year 1743, the Rev Mr. Berwick, found in the A!um-rock, the complete skeleton, of petrified bones of a man ; but though the utmost caution was used it was broken into many pieces, and greatly mutilated before it could be taken out.
Sayfa 153 - ... series of small blows. One side is flat, the other or outer one is more or less convex ; sometimes they have a short handle, which gives them very much the appearance of a spoon. They have been found in England, France, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, and other countries. They vary from one to four inches in length, and from half an inch to two inches in breadth. * * * * Modern specimens (Esquimaux) are in form identical with the old ones.
Sayfa 278 - All the strata, indeed, incumbent on coal, whether argillaceous stone, or clay, contain a great variety of impressions of vegetables ; and particularly the bamboo of India, striated, and jointed at different distances ; the euphorbia of the East Indies ; the American ferns, corn, grass, and many other species of the vegetable kingdom, not known to exist in any part of the world in a living state. These vegetable forms, and the strata containing them, are said to be a certain indication of coal, not...
Sayfa 269 - ... frequent, indeed ; and so much do I find, that observation extends the right of their claim to such an origin, that I can hardly help concluding that most jaspers owe something, in their composition, to vegetable matter, changed by those processes to which it was necessarily subjected after the universal deluge.
Sayfa 289 - It is evident this is the upper part of the head inverted. B, C, the superior maxilla intire, and in some places covered with the inferior one for four or five inches together. Where this happens, the vacuity is filled with matter like the rock in which it lays; and there are large teeth in each jaw, at such distances, and so posited, that those in one jaw fill up the vacuities in the other, and appear like one continued row, the mouth being shut. Where there is only the superior maxilla remaining,...

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