The Japanese Letters of Lafcadio Hearn

Ön Kapak
Houghton Mifflin, 1910 - 468 sayfa

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Sayfa 235 - We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet For auld lang syne. We twa hae run about the braes, And pu'd the gowans fine ; But we've wander'd mony a weary foot Sin
Sayfa xxxiii - Surely I have never yet made, and never expect to make any money. Neither do I expect to write ever for the multitude. I write for beloved friends who can see colour in words, can smell the perfume of syllables in blossom, can be shocked with the fine elfish electricity of words. And in the eternal order of things, words will eventually have their rights recognized by the people.
Sayfa 308 - The lover's passionate pleading — the maiden's whispered fear — The warrior, the blade that smites him — his mother's heart-wrung tear; I am both Good and Evil — the deed, and the deed's intent — Temptation, victim, sinner, crime, pardon and punishment; — I am what was, is, will be — creation's ascent and fall — The link, the chain of existence — beginning and end of all!
Sayfa xxviii - With a passionate care for beauty, the romantic spirit refuses to have it unless the condition of strangeness be first fulfilled. Its desire is for a beauty born of unlikely elements, by a profound alchemy, by a difficult initiation, by the charm which wrings it even out of...
Sayfa 125 - er arm upon my shoulder an' er cheek agin my cheek We useter watch the steamers an' the hathis pilin' teak. Elephints a'pilin' teak In the sludgy, squdgy creek, Where the silence 'ung that 'eavy you was 'arf afraid to speak! On the road to Mandalay . . . But that's all shove be'ind me— long ago an...
Sayfa 406 - Japan which I am tired of seeing. Professor Chamberlain spoke to me about the variability of one's feelings toward Japan being like the oscillation of a pendulum: one day swinging toward pessimism and the next to optimism. I have this feeling very often, and I suppose you must have had it many times. But the pessimistic feeling is generally coincident with some experience of New Japan, and the optimistic with something of Old Japan . . . But with what hideous rapidity Japan is modernizing, after...
Sayfa 156 - ... Speed down dusk aisles on shining feet. She throws a kiss and bids me run, In whispers sweet as roses' breath; I know I cannot win the race, And at the end, I know, is death. But joyfully I bare my limbs, Anoint me with the tropic breeze, And feel through every sinew run The vigour of Hippomenes.
Sayfa 234 - Charles," said a friend to me years ago. " I know you hate the theatre, but you must go." (I had been surfeited with drama by old duty as a dramatic reporter, and had vowed not to enter a theatre again.) I went. There was a great dim pressure, a stifling heat, a whispering of silks, a weight of toiletperfumes. Then came an awful hush; all the silks stopped whispering. And there suddenly sweetened out through that dead hot air a clear, cool, tense thread-gush of melody unlike any sound I had ever...
Sayfa 308 - I find I described horrible places as gardens of paradise, and horrid people as angels and divinities. How happy I must have been without knowing it! There are all my illusions facing me, — on faded yellow paper.
Sayfa 213 - Whence the broad moon rose circling into sight ; They heard the waves splash, and the wind so lOw, And saw each other's dark eyes darting light Into each other— and, beholding this, Their lips drew near, and clung into a kiss...

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