the Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power to Abolish War, Poverty, and Di sease

Ön Kapak
Watkins Media Limited, 1 Oca 2012 - 320 sayfa
This powerful sequel to The Secret Founding of America presents compelling evidence of a 'secret American Dream' - nothing less than the establishment of a benign World State which would establish a universal peace under which all the peoples of the Earth would flourish.

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Libertys Dream
Libertys Colonial Empire
Libertys Imperial Hegemony
Libertys Federal Unification
Libertys Western Empire Continental
Libertys Supremacy Superpowerdom
Libertys Commercial Élites After 1989
How the World State Might Look and How
Libertys World State Life Under Universal
Stage15 Expansion of 25 Civilizations
Libertys Universalist Destiny
NationStates Populations as Percentages
Bin LadensAlQaedas Historical Attempts
Notes and Sources
Telif Hakkı

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Yazar hakkında (2012)

Nicholas Hagger has written more than thirty books on history, literature and philosophy. He has lectured at universities in Baghdad, Tokyo (where he was a Professor) and Tripoli. He has followed a career in education and studied and written widely about the rise and fall of civilisations. His controversial book The Secret Founding of America was widely discussed and acclaimed.

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