The Unbroken Wholeness Power of God

Ön Kapak
Xulon Press, 2002 - 212 sayfa
This book is all about experiencing the awesome WHOLENESS power of God through a life of discipleship and prayer. The book is a call to get back to the simple basics of the Bible using the wholeness and oneness principles as a guide. In a few of the later chapters the book explores some simple, but remarkable number patterns such as the mathematical constants for light, time, gravity, creation fire, and many more, all of which were encoded in the Psalms 3000 years ago, about 2,900 years before they were known. These simple number patterns such as 19 for electricity, 27 for light, 29 for creation fire, and 38 for gravity, all have 'key words' in the first few verses of the Psalm number that is the same exact number of the math constant. The book also explores a few (ELS) or what is called Equidistant Lette! r Sequences to show hidden codes in the Bible. There also is a unique matrix code for the World Trade Center attack included. Many more interesting Bible numbers that equal modern day scientific theory and fact are found in the Tabernacle of Moses and other places in the Bible. The book brings out the wholeness principles contained in the Bible and how to apply them to your life. The book also validates the fact that the Bible contains the simple mathematical evidence for the existence of God with patterns of numbers that are way beyond chance.

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God Is the Unbroken Whole
The Lesson of the Hologram or Holygram of God
The Wholeness of Energy and the Quantum World
The Mystery of Wholeness Power in Words
Power Numbers and the Bible
The Oneness of Obedience
Jesus the Time Traveler
This Is Your Brain On Jesus
Equidistant Letter Sequences ELS and Strange Mirror Symmetries
Summary of the Whole Book
Telif Hakkı

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