Give God the Glory!: Your Role in Your Family

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Writing for the Lord, 30 Haz 2006 - 54 sayfa
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The Give God the Glory! series of books and devotionals continues with book #5. A companion gift book and devotional to book #4 in the series, The Godly Family Life, Your Role in Your Family offers greater detail on the Biblical significance of the family as God intended in the beginning. The Godly Family Life provided a detailed analysis of what the Bible teaches and instructs concerning the roles of the father, mother and children despite man's intention to alter God's plan for the family. While continuing in the tradition of the Give God the Glory! books and devotionals, it offers a unique focus on the biblical purpose and role of the father, mother, and child(ren). In this gift and devotional book, Your Role in Your Family will help its readers to clearly understand that the man is the foundation of the family, the family is the foundation of the church, and the church is the foundation of our nation. We will glorify God through the family unit and understand our specific roles within the family structure as God intended. To this end, our Heavenly Father is glorified as we, His earthen vessels, demonstrate to the world the beauty and fulfillment of The Godly Family Life. 'Family' is referenced 123 times in The Holy Bible. To this end, the 50-page devotional will enlighten its readers through these five chapters: 1. The role and purpose of the Godly Family 2. The role and purpose of man 3. The role and purpose of woman 4. The role and purpose of children 5. God's plan for His family. When purchasing in a Christian bookstore or through a plethora of Christian bookstores, Your Role in Your Family, a gift/devotional book, will be a blessing in your life. Good Christian books are foundational to our overall growth and development and add value to our lives. To find Christian books, or those who sell Christian books, these Godly items make an excellent gift for your loved one's who are in pursuit of God. The grace of God is sufficient at all times and we are safe in the arms of God. Best selling African American Christian author Kevin Wayne Johnson recommends this devotional and gift book, as a companion to The Godly Family Life, to men and women who long to understand their specific roles within the family unit. It is also an excellent gift, intended to replace the standard greeting card, for family and friends that desire to read a shorter version of The Godly Family Life.

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Kevin Wayne Johnson is the eldest son of Ernest and the late Adele Johnson, raised in Richmond, Virginia. He attended and graduated from the Richmond Public School system and Virginia Commonwealth University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Management, with a minor in Economics and a Finance concentration.Kevin is a 23-year veteran of the federal government and corporate America in the career field of contracting and procurement. During his 22-year career, he has negotiated contracts for a myriad of products and services including information and wireless technology, major weapons systems, consultants, spare parts, construction, architect and engineering, and training, and is a graduate of the 1995 Executive Potential Program. Kevin's written work has been presented before international audiences, he has testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, and he prepared testimony that was presented before the District of Columbia Committee on Government Operations. Kevin's true love is for God. He confessed Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior on May 2, 1993, alongside his wife Gail. This spiritual transformation occurred slightly less than two months after their marriage on March 6, 1993. He and his wife are deacons and Kevin is a 2002 graduate of the True Disciple Ministries Bible Institute, Somerville, New Jersey. He and his family are active members of Celebration Church, A City of Champions, in Columbia, Maryland serving in the Children's Church ministry, the maturity leadership team, the ministerial team, President of WIN (Bible) Institute, and on the Board of the School of the Arts. He speaks frequently at the requests of pastors/church leaders across the United States, teaching the Word of God before diverse congregations and denominations as well as ministering to teens, youth and children with special needs. Kevin is on the faculty at five regional/national writer's conferences ranging from Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, teaching on his specialty: 'From Start to Finish for the First-Time Author.' He is an adjunct professor at the National Bible College and Seminary in Fort Washington, Maryland where he teaches 'Youth Counseling' and 'The Covenants of God.' Kevin also teaches diverse subjects at the Celebration Church WIN (Bible) Institute, Columbia, Maryland as one of its certified instructors through the Evangelical Training Association, Wheaton, Illinois.Kevin currently lives in Clarksville, Maryland, with his wife, Gail, and three young sons, Kevin, Christopher, and Cameron. He is the author of the nine-book series entitled Give God the Glory! , recipient of ten (10) literary awards, including 2006 Gospel Publisher of the Year at Book Expo America, African-American Pavilion, Washington, DC, and hosted a talk show - Give God the Glory! - on the Voice America Internet Talk Radio Network ( and Black TV On-Line (, during the 2004 – 2006 seasons, reaching 300,000+ viewers per broadcast. His show transitions to Streaming Faith ( in June 2007. He attests everyday that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things!

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