Spiritual Philosophy: Founded on the Teaching of the Late Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1. cilt

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Sayfa 93 - Let them praise the Name of the Lord : for he spake the word, and they were made; he commanded, and they were created.
Sayfa 292 - THE SONG BOOK. Words and Tunes from the best Poets and Musicians. Selected and arranged by JOHN HULLAH, Professor of Vocal Music in King's College, London.
Sayfa 105 - All animals which have a welldeveloped respiratory system, and therefore aerate the blood, perfectly agree in being warm-blooded, while those whose respiratory system is imperfect do not maintain a temperature much exceeding that of the surrounding medium ; we may argue from the two-fold experience that the change which takes place in the blood by respiration is the cause of animal heat.
Sayfa 77 - The class is steadily fixed, though not precisely limited ; it is given, though not circumscribed ; it is determined, not by a boundary line without, but by a central point within ; not by what it strictly excludes, but by what it eminently includes ; by an example, not by a precept ; in short, instead of Definition we have a Type for our director.
Sayfa 89 - For in attending too exclusively to the relations which the past or passing events and objects bear to general truth, and the moods of his own Thought, the most intelligent man is sometimes in danger of overlooking that other relation in which they are likewise to be placed to the apprehension and sympathies of his hearers.
Sayfa 90 - Hence the nearer the things and incidents in time and place, the more distant, disjointed, and impertinent to each other, and to any common purpose, will they appear in his narration : and this from the want of a staple...
Sayfa 88 - For the absence of Method, which characterizes the uneducated, is occasioned by an habitual submission of the understanding to mere events and images as such, and independent of any power in the mind to classify or appropriate them. The general accompaniments of time and place are the only relations which persons of this class appear to regard in their statements.
Sayfa 290 - Bradshaw.— AN ATTEMPT TO ASCERTAIN THE STATE OF CHAUCER'S WORKS, AS THEY WERE LEFT AT HIS DEATH. With some Notes of their Subsequent History.

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