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Soueraigne Lord, Iames King of

Great Brittaine, &c.

His Highnesse most deare Sister; all honour and happineffe,
with eternall glorie through Christ


MOST gracious and renowned Princes, hauing translated out of French into our English tongue the booke of the

prophecie of Isaiah, interpreted and expounded by Master Iohn Caluin, of reuerend memorie : I humblie craue that it may be published vnder your most Princely names and protection. The reason of this my humble petition is, that the honor of so noble a worke may not be imbased by the meanes of my endeuours. This Prophet, by birth, was the sonne of Amos, esteemed by many to haue been brother to Azarias King of Iudah, and Father in law to King Manasses : which being so, this Prophet was by birth of the blood Royal, and descended of the house of Dauid, which for the promise of Christ to come of him, was the most noble house of all the Kings of the earth. Being so borne, his education could not be but Princely, and his bringing vp in all good learning, wisdome, vertue, and honor. His spirituall graces, not attained vnto by ordinarie meanes, but inspired into him immediatly by the Spirit of God, were excellent. This appeareth particularly in the sixth Chapter of this Prophecie, declaring that an Angell of God with a burning coale taken from the Lords Altar, and laide to the mouth of the Prophet, refined his lips and his tongue, that they became pure and precious as the finest Gold. The same is manifest in all the booke of his Prophecie ; wherein both the light and the heate of that heauenly fire appeareth. For he not onely declared the will of God sincerely, according to the lawe and testimonie deliuered to Moses, but also foreshewed the future euents of the Kingdome of Iudah, and of all the flourishing states and Kingdomes of his time.

He Prophecieth also of the birth of Iesus Christ, as if hee had been taught by the Angell Gabriel ; who brought the annunciation and message of it to the blessed Virgin his mother. Of his passion and death he spake, as if with the

postle John he had stoode by when he was crucified. His resurrection he described, as if with all the Apostles he had stoode vpon Mount Oliuet, where the Lord tooke the cloude of glorie as his heauenly Chariot to ascend and goe vp to his Father. His zeale and indignation against sinne is euident euery where, in his sharpe reproofes of the offences of all estates.

Finally, the booke of his Prophecie beareth written in the head of it the names of foure Kings, in whose time he prophecied; and before whom as a vessell of golde he bare the name of God with great honour. All which things being royall, it seemed to me most conuenient that his booke should still beare in the front of it the names of Princes. And as hee foreshewed that Kings should bee Fosterfathers, and Queenes Nurces of the Church of Christ, so my desire was that his booke might be published vnder the names and protection of Christian Princes.

Moreouer, I was led hereunto by the example of this Interpreter, whose exposition vpon Isaias prophesie I translate; namelie, of M. Iohn Caluin, a man in his time of excellent pietie and learning; and one of the great lights, whereby it hath pleased God both to chase away the errors of poperie, as the darknes of the shadow of death ; and to cause his maruellous and comfortable light of the Gospell to shine vnto this present age. For hee dedicated his first exposition of this booke to the young Prince, King Edward the sixth, of famous memorie, for the princelie graces, for the zealous louc of true religion, and of al heroical vertues,


wherewith in his young yeeres he raised an admirable expectation of future glorie, if his precious life had long continued. He was also most worthily renowned with highest glorie, for that gracious reformation in religion, which was established by his regal authority, and which our English Church at this day with great comfort doth enioy, vnder the happie gouernment of our Soueraigne Lord the King, your most noble and renowned Father.

Furthermore, the same Author setting out againe this Commentarie, amplified and enlarged, he dedicated this second edition to our late most gracious Queene Elizabeth, worthie of eternall memorie in this Kingdome, for the reestablishing (after a few yeeres alteration) of the zealous reformation of her most vertuous brother. Which example hath led mee in most humble manner to seeke for the same worke, the high patronage and protection of such Princes, like those to whom hee presented this his seruice.

To whom I know none so like as your selues, both in regard of your high estate, and also in like most noble descent from the vnited houses of Yorke and Lancaster. Besides which resemblance, your Highnesse also is of like yeeres to the yong Prince King Edward, and in the eies of all the kingdome, of like hope of excellent vertue and zealous proceedings in the aduancement of Christian religion.

In like manner your Grace resembleth the most gracious late Queene Elizabeth, both in her royall name, and also in the constant expectation of all men, to expresse in time all the princely vertues and graces that shined in that most renowned Princesse, from this Westerne part of the world, to the furthest East, and to the rising of the Sunne.

In which respects, esteeming such a dedication, most like that which my author made of his owne worke, I haue most humblie craued that this my translation of it might bee vouchsafed the honour to haue your Princelie names written in the beginning of it. For notwithstanding the great difference that is betweene a reuerend learned writer and expounder of the holie Scriptures, and the translator of such an exposition, yet this meane seruice hath also his good vse in the Church of God; and is of long and tedious labour to such as take paines therein ; which being gratiouslie accepted, may encourage others to trauell in this kind, and cause many to giue thankes to God for you both, by whose most princely fauours and protection, they are made partakers of such worthie writings. And I shall alwaies pray Almightie God, with this new yeere, to multiply many more vpon you, and dailie replenish your hearts with all princely and heroicall graces, that may enable and adorne Princes of so hie estates,

amongst this people.

Your Highnesse, and Graces most humblie deuoted, in all loyall

and dutiful affection,


M. Caluins Commentarie vpon the Pro

phecie of Isaiah.

THRICE happie (England) if thou knew'st thy blisse,
Since Christs eternall Gospell in thee shin’d
Thou art. H'is Leetle-blind that sees not this,
Brutishly ingrate that with a thankfull mind

Doth not acknowledge Gods great Grace herein,
And learne thereby for to forsake his sinne.

Gods word hath long in thee been soundly taught,
The sound thereof hath rung throughout the Land,
And many a Soule by Fishers net been caught,
Which erst lay thrall in Satans cruell band :

This fauour great by none can be exprest,
But such as haue it felt in their owne brest.

Thy natiue sonnes in thine owne bowels bred,
Like faithfull Shepheards haue done worthilie,
And thee with store of heauenlie Manna fed,
Forcing the Wolues to leaue their crueltie,

To slinke aside, and hide themselues in holes,
In caues and dens, like pur-blind Backs and Moles.

TYNDALL, Frith, Philpot, father LATIMER,
The Gospell preacht by word, by life, by death :
To second them haue spent their vitall breath.

In hot pursuit of that great Romish Bore,
Who spoiled quite this English vine before.

I spare to speake of Deerings siluer voice,
Of GREENHAMS zeale, of Perkins labours sound,
Of hundreds moe of Zion-builders choice,
The like whereof can scarce elsewhere be found :

Such ground-workethey of Gods truth here haue plac'd
As neuer shall by Hels whole force be razt.

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