EDUCCON 2022 Digital Competence & STE(A)M Education

Ön Kapak
Mehmet Tekerek, 1 May 2022 - 144 sayfa


The main Key Competences in the digital era are Digital Competence and STE(A)M. Digital Competence is not just using ICT tools. Digital Competence involves the confident and critical use of ICT for employment, learning, self-development and participation in society. The role of Digital Technologies is increasing as a main component of STE(A)M Education & labor development. By means of STE(A)M education and gaining digital competence, people may avoid being "only consumers" of hardware or software. New generation digital technologies and Web 3.0 paradigm have started to shape societies. STE(A)M areas are also shaped in the light of these developments. Like many other professions, educators also need to gain digital competence to stay alive and up-to-date. As a result, digital technologies have been identified as the main theme in the fields of Education and STE(A)M at EDUCCON 2022. At EDUCCON 2022, which will be held in a hybrid format (online and face to face conference) allowing participation both in uni/metaverses. We look forward to the research studies, workshops and training sessions on Digital Competence & STE(A)M Education The keywords of digital technologies, which can be used in any field and type of education and educational process are listed -but not limited to- below: DIGITAL COMPETENCE & STE(A)M EDUCATION DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES (2D/3D gaming, 3D visualization and interaction technologies, Artificial intelligence, Automated reasoning, Data Visualization, Digital twins, Distributed computing technologies (blockchain etc.), Educational data mining & learning analytics, Extended intelligent mobile technologies, Human-Computer-Human interaction, Human-Web interaction, Information/Knowledge management, Intelligent software agents, IoT in education, IoT in games, OER - Open educational resources, Personal assistants, Personalized learning environments Robots in education, Scalable vector graphics (SVG), Smart classroom practices (appliances), Virtual reality, Virtual worlds/Second world/Metaverse, Virtualization) in EDUCATION (Art Education, Computer Education, Curriculum Development in Education, Education Management, Educational Informatics, Educational Psychology, Engineering Education, Foreign Languages Education, Industrial Education, Instructional Technology, Mathematics Education, Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Music Education, Science Education, Social Sciences Education, Special Education, STE(A)M Education, Teacher Training, Physical Education and Sport, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Technology Education, Turkish Language Education) EDUCCON 2022 is aimed at scientists, teachers and educators of all levels, researchers and graduate students, education administrators, VET providers and it is also intended for anyone who wants to be informed about the latest scientific developments and experiences in STE(A)M education practices.


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