Little Rowena: Story of Creation

Ön Kapak
AuthorHouse, 2004 - 234 sayfa
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Little Rowena: Story of Creation Little Rowena: Story of Creation is a book for a young reader dealing with how the world was created. The Bible is used as the final authority for the explanation of the beginning of the world and this is contrasted with the theory of evolution which a young child learns the difference between the two concepts. Little Rowena: Story of Creation teaches a young reader the basic Christian concepts of faith establishing understanding to a youngster who likes to ask a lot of questions and is discovering the foundation of Christian beliefs. Little Rowena is a little girl whose family is rooted in the word of God. Tommy is her older brother and sparks his sisters interest in learning the word of God by reading to her from the Bible enabling him to answer her many questions with the Bible concerning creation. There is a focus on devotional time, which Tommy is able to teach and examine scripture relating to creation of man. Tommy and friends are being taught the theory of evolution in school who do their own detective work on the subject of theory and faith. This book is designed to give a child understanding in Christian fundamentals weaving the theme of creationism but also teach the concepts of sin, the importance of salvation and the value of studying the word of God.

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He has A.A. Degree Compton Jr. College, Los Angeles Southwest College. He attended U.C.L.A. Extension Writers workshop. He is a born again Christian. He is a former Sunday school teacher, young adult Bible teacher. He enjoys working with young children. He worked with the Youth Motivation Task Force volunteering for five years and three years on the Steering Committee for the Los Angeles School District, going to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools motivating students to continue their education. He volunteered working with the Special Olympics. He also enjoys writing poetry and was selected to International Poets Society Hall of Fame, Poems of the Millennium, Editors Award 1996, 2000, Best poems 1997, 2000, Poet of the year 1996 2001. Selected to The International Who's Who in Poetry 2007

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