The Poetical Works of Jonathan Swift, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak
W. Pickering, 1833

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Sayfa 91 - Here shift the scene, to represent How those I love my death lament. Poor Pope will grieve a month, and Gay A week, and Arbuthnot a day. St. John himself will scarce forbear To bite his pen, and drop a tear. The rest will give a shrug, and cry, "I'm sorry— but we all must die!
Sayfa 104 - He gave the little wealth he had, To build a house for fools and mad: And showed by one satiric touch, No nation wanted it so much: That kingdom he hath left his debtor, I wish it soon may have a better.
Sayfa 82 - I believe them true: they argue no corrupted mind in him; the fault is in mankind. This maxim more than all the rest is thought too base for human breast: " In all distresses of our friends, we first consult our private ends; while nature, kindly bent to ease us, points out some circumstance to please us.
Sayfa 74 - So, naturalists observe, a flea Has smaller fleas that on him prey ; And these have smaller still to bite 'em, And so proceed ad infinitum.
Sayfa 214 - With pains unknown increased her smart. Vanessa, not in years a score, Dreams of a gown of forty-four; Imaginary charms can find In eyes with reading almost blind: Cadenus now no more appears Declined in health, advanced in years. She fancies music in his tongue; Nor farther looks, but thinks him young.
Sayfa 54 - E'en Button's wits to worms shall turn, Who maggots were before. SONG BY A PERSON OF QUALITY Written in the Year 1733. FLUTTERING spread thy purple pinions, Gentle Cupid, o'er my heart ; I a slave in thy dominions ; Nature must give way to art. Mild Arcadians, ever blooming, Nightly nodding o'er your flocks, See my weary days consuming, All beneath yon flowery rocks.
Sayfa 97 - LIBERTY was all his cry; for her he stood prepar'd to die; for her he boldly stood alone; for her he oft" expos'd his own. Two kingdoms, just as faction led, had set a price upon his head ; but not a traitor could be found, to sell him for six hundred pound.
Sayfa 241 - With cheerful face and inward grief; And though by Heaven's severe decree She suffers hourly more than me, No cruel master could require, From slaves employed for daily hire, What Stella, by her friendship warmed, With vigour and delight performed : My sinking spirits now supplies With cordials in her hands and eyes ; Now with a soft and silent tread Unheard she moves about my bed.
Sayfa 85 - To hear his out-of-fashion wit ? But he takes up with younger folks, Who for his wine will bear his jokes. Faith ! he must make his stories shorter, Or change his comrades once a quarter : In half the time he talks them round, There must another set be found.
Sayfa 97 - He follow'd David's lesson just, In princes never put thy trust. And, would you make him truly sour; Provoke him with a slave in power...

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