Letters on Church Government

Ön Kapak
Graisberry and Campbell, 1812 - 722 sayfa

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Sayfa 318 - Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.
Sayfa 174 - As Patriarch, the Pope's jurisdiction did not interfere with that of the Patriarchs of Milan or of Aquileia, so that they who have dubbed him patriarch of all the western world are quite ignorant of ecclesiastical history.
Sayfa 606 - Diocese to recommend, as usual, a candidate to the prelates of the ecclesiastical province who elect him, or any other they may think more worthy, by a majority of suffrages: in the case of equality of suffrages, the presiding Metropolitan or senior Prelate to have a casting vote.
Sayfa 597 - O'Conor's Letters of Columbanus *, his grace * The title of this singular work is, " Columbanus ad Hiber• . nos ; or, A Letter from Columban to his friend in Ireland, on "the present mode of appointing Catholic Bishops in his native
Sayfa 501 - that twenty-one suffragan bishops have entered into a solemn compact with the four archbishops of Ireland, that they the suffragans shall be allowed to bequeath their respective dioceses to whomsoever they please, provided the archbishops arc allowed to do the same ; and so Dr.
Sayfa 601 - Democrscy of Revolutionists, and the Principles of Rebellion, and Separation, have coalesced against granting a limited Negative to the Civil Power in the appointment of our Bishops. On the contrary, I always foresaw that the most outrageous and opposite passions would confederate, in order to prevent any and every interference, which might tend to restrain the uncontrouled dominion of Maynooth, within the limits of just, and...
Sayfa 267 - Greek it appears, first, that no «mßrmation was given, at Nicea, to the usage of the Church of Rome: that, on the contrary, the usage of Alexandria was confirmed, because it had the authority of Roman usage. Secondly, it is equally plain, that no boundaries are either marked, or alluded to, within which the Roman bishop exercised that general authority which the fathers had in view.
Sayfa 206 - ... so that they who have dubbed him patriarch of all the western world, are quite ignorant of Ecclesiastical history. De Marca clearly shews that the bishops of the transalpine countries of Spain and Gaul ordained their own metropolitans, without any patriarchal interference, any authority, or consent of Rome, and that this right is one of the fundamental articles of the liberties of the Gallican church. From what has been thus clearly stated, it follows, that in his three qualities of bishop, metropolitan,...
Sayfa 566 - Depaty proceeded to Rome, convened a Synod, inquired into the merits of both Candidates, declared Symmachus duly elected, and nominated him Head of the Catholic Church by an Imperial Decree. II. This fact is acknowledged, even by the hireling and servile adulators of the Court of Rome...
Sayfa 699 - ... worthy priests, and of rejecting unworthy ones, is lodged with them : which rule, we see, proceeded originally from God's authority, that a bishop should be chosen in the presence...

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