A Classical Tour Through Italy, An. MDCCCII, 4. cilt

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 13 - Or the unseen genius of the wood. But let my due feet never fail To walk the Studious cloister's pale, And love the high embowed roof, With antique pillars massy proof, And storied windows richly dight, Casting a dim, religious light.
Sayfa 313 - Ipse dies agitat festos fususque per herbam, Ignis ubi in medio et socii cratera coronant, Te libans, Lenaee, vocat, pecorisque magistris Velocis iaculi certamina ponit in ulmo, 530 Corporaque agresti nudant praedura palaestrae.
Sayfa 380 - Latin, or reflects upon the sense which it bears on this and on a thousand other occasions, will cavil at it, though he may wish it otherwise applied. Nor do I find fault with the throne ; he who is at the same time both Pontiff and Prince has, from time and custom, perhaps a double title to such a distinction. But why should the altar be made his footstool ? the altar, the beauty of holitiess, the throne of the victim* lamb, the mercy seat of the temple of Christianity ; why should the altar be...
Sayfa 430 - Romains inspiroit des idées de décence, d'ensemble , et de perfection qu'on n'avoit point eues jusqu'alors. Julien de Médicis, frère de Léon X, ayant été proclamé citoyen romain, cette proclamation fut accompagnée de jeux publics; et, sur un vaste théâtre, construit exprès dans la plaça du Capitale, on représenta pendant deux jours une comédie de Plaute, dont la musique et l'appareil extraordinaire excitèrent une admiration générale.
Sayfa 423 - Sophonisbe, première tragédie composée par un moderne; Béroald, bibliothécaire du Vatican, s'occupant à publier les Annales de Tacite qu'on...
Sayfa 17 - ... obscure , and sometimes produce more obloquy than acknowledgment. Thus, he founded schools, colleges, and hospitals, built parochial churches , most affectionately attended his flock during a destructive pestilence , erected a lazaretto, and served the forsaken victims with his own hands. These are duties uncommon, magnificent and heroic, and are followed by fame and glory.
Sayfa 425 - Aristote, étoient discutées les opinions de l'ancienne philosophie et pressenties celles de la philosophie moderne. A Bologne ainsi qu'à Venise, une de ces sociétés...
Sayfa 311 - Noctem addens operi, famulasque ad lumina longo Exercet penso, castum ut servare cubile Coniugis et possit parvos educere natos, Haud secus Ignipotens nec tempore segnior illo Mollibus e stratis opera ad fabrilia surgit.
Sayfa 284 - ... falsehoods, If we reflect that the accounts we have had, for the most part, have been given by travellers who knew nothing either of the language or of the matter ; but went into a church, stared about them, and then came home and published an account of what they saw according...
Sayfa 19 - Charles, that is, the qualities that give true sterling value to the man, and sanctify him in the eyes of his Creator, I mean humility, self-command, temperance, industry, prudence, and fortitude, were not inferior to his public endowments. His table was for his guests; his own diet was confined to bread and vegetables ; he allowed himself no amusement or relaxation, alleging that the variety of his duties was in itself a sufficient recreation. His dress and establishment...

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