International Exposure: Perspectives on Modern European Pornography, 1800-2000

Ön Kapak
Lisa Z. Sigel
Rutgers University Press, 2005 - 283 sayfa

International Exposure demonstrates the wealth of desires woven into the fabric of European history: desires about empire and nation, about self and other, about plenty and dearth. By documenting the diverse meanings of pornography, senior scholars from across disciplines show the ways that sexuality became central to the individual, to the nation, and to the transnational character of modern society.

The ten essays in the volume engage a rich array of topics, including obscenity in the German states, censorship in France's Third Republic, "she-male" internet porn, the rise of incestuous longings in England, the place of the Hungarian video revolution in the global market, and the politics of pornography in Russia. Taken together, the essays illustrate the latest approaches to content, readership, form, and delivery in modern European pornography.

A substantial discussion of the broad history and state of the field complements the ten in-depth case studies that examine a wide range of sources from literature to magazines, video to the internet. By tackling the highbrow and lowdown of the pornographic form, this volume lays the groundwork for the next surge of studies in the field.


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Making Sense
The English Vice
Old Wine in New Bottles? Literary Pornography
Stagnation Continuities
The Hungarian Example
Ideologies of the Second Coming in the Ukrainian
Russian Pornography
Shemale Internet
Telif Hakkı

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Lisa Z. Sigel is a visiting assistant professor of history at DePaul University and the author of Governing Pleasure Pornography and Social Change in England, 1815-1914.

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