The Works of Thomas Carew: Sewer in Ordinary to Charles the First. Reprinted from the Original Ed. of 1640

Ön Kapak
W. and C.Tait, 1824

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Sayfa 90 - O'rspred, was purg'd by thee; The lazie seeds Of servile imitation throwne away; And fresh Invention planted, Thou didst pay The debts of our penurious bankrupt age; Licentious thefts, that make...
Sayfa 129 - For in your beauty's orient deep These flowers, as in their causes, sleep. Ask me no more whither do stray The golden atoms of the day, For, in pure love, heaven did prepare Those powders to enrich your hair. Ask me no more whither doth haste The nightingale when May is past, For in your sweet dividing throat She winters and keeps warm her note.
Sayfa 22 - Twas I that gave thee thy renown : Thou hadst, in the forgotten crowd Of common beauties, liv'd unknown, Had not my verse exhal'd thy name, And with it impt the wings of Fame. That killing power is none of thine, I gave it to thy voice and eyes : Thy sweets, thy graces, all are mine; Thou art my star, shin'st in my skies ; Then dart not from thy borrowed sphere Lightning on him that fix'd thee there.
Sayfa 22 - HE that loves a rosy Cheek, Or a coral Lip admires ; Or from star-like Eyes doth seek Fuel to maintain his fires : As old Time makes these decay, So his flames must waste away ! But a smooth and steadfast Mind, Gentle Thoughts, and calm Desires, Hearts with equal love combined, Kindle never-dying fires ! Where these are not ; I despise Lovely Cheeks ! or Lips ! or Eyes...
Sayfa 94 - Then let the Germans fear if Caesar shall, Or the United Princes, rise and fall; But let us, that in myrtle bowers sit Under secure shades, use the benefit Of peace and plenty, which the blessed hand Of our good king gives this obdurate land; Let us of revels sing, and let thy breath, (Which filled fame's trumpet with Gustavus...
Sayfa 58 - Read in these roses the sad story Of my hard fate and your own glory : In the white you may discover The paleness of a fainting lover ; In the red, the flames still feeding On my heart with fresh wounds bleeding. The white will tell you how I languish, And the red express my anguish : The white my innocence displaying The red my martyrdom betraying. The frowns that on your brow resided Have those roses thus divided ; Oh ! let your smiles but clear the weather And then they both shall grow together.
Sayfa 52 - MARK how the bashful morn in vain Courts the amorous marigold, With sighing blasts and weeping rain, Yet she refuses to unfold. But when the planet of the day Approacheth with his powerful ray, Then she spreads, then she receives His warmer beams into her virgin leaves...
Sayfa viii - Carfiw was next, but he had a fault That would not well stand with a laureat ; His muse was hard bound, and th' issue of s brain Was seldom brought forth but with trouble and pain.
Sayfa 3 - Candies the grass, or casts an icy cream Upon the silver lake or crystal stream; But the warm sun thaws the benumbed earth, And makes it tender; gives a sacred birth To the dead swallow; wakes in hollow tree The drowsy cuckoo and the humble-bee.
Sayfa v - ... after fifty years of his life, spent with less severity or exactness than it ought to have been, he died with the greatest remorse for that license, and with the greatest manifestation of Christianity, that his best friends could desire.

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