The History of Islamic Political Thought: From the Prophet to the Present

Ön Kapak
Edinburgh University Press, 2001 - 377 sayfa
Islam is enormously important today in both international and national domestic politics, but contemporary political Islam cannot be understood without an awareness of it roots. Yet, little attention has been paid to the way its political ideas originated how they developed. The History of Islamic Political Thought offers a full description and an interpretation of political philosophy from early Islam to the current age of Fundamentalism (622 AD to 2000 AD). Antony Black takes the same approach as scholars usually do for the history of Western political thought, examining the mentality, cultural milieu, and political background of thinkers and statesmen. He covers the relationship of politics to religion, law, ethics, philosophy, and statecraft, as expressed through treatises, occasional writings, official rhetoric, popular slogans, and other evidence of how people thought about authority and order. This unique and ambitious book will appeal to students of Islamic studies and political theory, as well as readers interested in Islamic politics more generally

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I was surprised to see that the author apparently knows no Arabic and relies entirely on translations and secondary work. Still, it provides some interesting material for other non-specialiasts like myself. Tam incelemeyi okuyun


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Professor Antony Black lectured in Politics at University of Dundee from 1963 until retirement in 2000, covering most aspects of political theory from Plato to contemporary international relations and social philosophy. He has researched and published on a wide range of topics, from medieval ecclesiastical theories to contemporary political philosophy.1975-76: Visiting associate professor, School of Government and Public Administration, The American University, Washington DC, USA.1980-81: Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield Foundation, UK.March-April 1993: Visiting Professor, Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Trento, Italy.1993-7: Head of the Department of Politics, University of Dundee, UK. 1995-9 Book Review Editor of Early Modern History: Contacts, Contrasts and Comparisons (Brill).

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