Annals of the Catholic Hierarchy in England and Scotland: A.D. 1585-1876 ; with Dissertation on Anglican Orders ...

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J. M. Stark, 1883 - 541 sayfa
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Sayfa 518 - Jjbet quacumque proeminentia et potestate fungentes et functuros, sublata eis et eorum cuilibet quavis aliter judicandi et interpretandi facultate et auctoritate, judicari et definiri debere, ac irritum et inane si secus super his a quoquam quavis auctoritate scienter vel ignoranter contigerit attentari.
Sayfa 33 - ... or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this realm, and therefore I do utterly renounce and forsake all foreign jurisdictions powers superiorities and authorities, and do promise that from henceforth I shall bear faith and true allegiance to the...
Sayfa 67 - Nunzio, reservamus et reservata esse volumus, cui non intendimus per presentes ullatenus pregiudicare, non obstantibus Apostolicis ac in universalibus, Provincialibus et Synodalibus Conciliis editis generalibus vel specialibus constitutionibus et ordinationibus, ceterisque contrariis quibuscumque. Dat
Sayfa 28 - And remember that thou stir up the grace of God which is in thee; for God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.
Sayfa 32 - I, AB, do utterly testify and declare in my conscience that the Queen's Highness is the only supreme governor of this realm and of all other her Highness' dominions and countries, as well in all spiritual or ecclesiastical things or causes as temporal...
Sayfa 173 - January 22, Buried the Reverend Dr Richard Challoner, a Popish Priest, and Titular Bishop of London and Salisbury, a very pious and good man, of .great learning and extensive abilities.
Sayfa 519 - Quibus omnibus et singulis illorum tenores praesentibus pro plene et sufficienter expressis ac de verbo ad verbum insertis habentes, illis alias in suo robore permansuris, ad praemissorum effectum hac vice dumtaxat specialiter et expresse derogamus, caeterisque contrariis quibuscumque.
Sayfa 150 - Douay, for his ill behaviour; received at Rome, made priest and sent hither; but always of so scandalous a life, that no persuasions or endeavours could reclaim him; nay, with much expense, we sent him to our good community in France, where he was presently so infamous, especially for being frequently drunk, that they turned him out; and now being returned, follows Mottram's tread. A few days ago he took up M r Brears, and has been in search of me and others; so that I am forced to lye hidde, as...
Sayfa 361 - Montgomery, to which we annex the county of Chester from the Lancashire District, and the county of Salop from the Central District. We assign to the Bishop of St. David's and Newport as his diocese, northwards, the counties of Brecknock, Glamorgan, Pembroke, and Radnor, and the English counties of Monmouth and Hereford. " In the Western District we establish two Episcopal Sees ; that of Clifton and that of Plymouth. To the former of these we assign the counties of Gloucester, Somerset, and Wilts...
Sayfa 12 - That if the king's grace, being supreme head of the church of England, did chuse, denominate, and elect any layman (being learned) to be a bishop ; that he, so chosen, (without mention made of any orders) should be as good a bishop as he is, or the best in England.

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