A Sketch of the Life of the Apostle Eliot: Prefatory to a Subscription for Erecting a Monument to His Memory

Ön Kapak
Norfolk County Journal Press, 1850 - 32 sayfa

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Sayfa 21 - It is a noble, generous liquor and we should be humbly thankful for it, but, as I remember, water was made before it.
Sayfa 14 - We are not sorry for what we leave behind, but we are sorry " the English have driven us from our praying to God and from " our teacher. We did begin to understand a little of praying
Sayfa 20 - A few years before his death lie pressed his people to obtain another pastor, and said, " T is possible you may think the burden of maintaining two ministers may be too heavy for you ; but I deliver you from that fear. I do here give back my salary to the Lord Jesus Christ ; and now, brethren, you may fix that upon any man that God shall make a pastor for you.
Sayfa 21 - It is true ; and this is no impediment unto that ; for were I sure to go to heaven tomorrow, I would do what I do to-day.
Sayfa 21 - I would not have singled out from the many thousands of his occasional reflections, but only that I might suggest unto the good people of Roxbury something for them to...
Sayfa 20 - Here, my dear, take it, I believe the Lord designs it all for you.
Sayfa 19 - Endeavors to Plant and Propagate the Gospel here; which, upon a true account, is as much better than Gold, as the Souls of men are more worth than the whole World. This is a Nobler Fruit (and indeed, in the Counsels of All-Disposing Providence, was an "higher intended End) of Columbus his adventure.
Sayfa 21 - Alas, I have lost everything; my understanding leaves me, my memory fails me, my utterance fails me; but, I thank God, my charity holds out still; I find that rather grows than fails!
Sayfa 18 - Honour in the eyes of all that are Considerate, even unto After-Generations. And though there be in this Western World many Colonies of other European Nations, yet we humbly conceive, no Prince hath had a Return of such a Work as this ; which may be some Token of the Success of Your Majesties Plantation of...

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