Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak
DS Brewer, 2002 - 638 sayfa
A modern edition of the sources and major analogues of all the Canterbury Tales, prepared by members of the New Chaucer Society. This collection, the first to appear in over half a century, features a fresh interpretation of Chaucer's sources for the frame of the work, chapters on the sources of the General Prologue and Retractions, and modern English translations of all foreign language texts. Chapters on the individual tales containsurvey of scholarship on their source materials. Several sources and analogues discovered during the past fifty years are found here together for the first time, and other familiar sources are re-edited from manuscripts closer toChaucer's copies. Volume I includes chapters on the Frame and the tales of the Reeve, Cook, Friar, Clerk, Squire, Franklin, Pardoner, Melibee, Monk, Nun's Priest, Second Nun and Parson. Chapters on the other tales, together with the General Prologue and Retractions will appear in Volume II.

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The Reeves Tale Peter G Beidler
The Cooks Tale John Scattergood
The Clerks Tale Thomas J Farrell and Amy W Goodwin
The Squires Tale Vincent DiMarco
The Franklins Tale Robert R Edwards
The Pardoners Prologue and Tale Mary Hamel
The Tale of Melibee William R Askins
The Monks Tale Thomas H Bestul
The Nuns Priests Tale Edward Wheatley
The Second Nuns Prologue and Tale Sherry L Reames
The Parsons Tale Richard Newhauser
Contributors and editors
Telif Hakkı

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