Becoming Roman?: Diverging Identities and Experiences in Ancient Northwest Italy

Ön Kapak
Routledge, 16 Haz 2016 - 386 sayfa
Few empires had such an impact on the conquered peoples as did the Roman empire, creating social, economic, and cultural changes that erased long-standing differences in material culture, languages, cults, rituals and identities. But even Rome could not create a single unified culture. Individual decisions introduced changes in material culture, identity, and behavior, creating local cultures within the global world of the Roman empire that were neither Roman nor native. The author uses Northwest Italy as an exemplary case as it went from a marginal zone to one of the most flourishing and strongly urbanized regions of Italy, while developing a unique regional culture. This volume will appeal to researchers interested in the Roman Empire, as well as those interested in individual and cultural identity in the past.

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List of Illustrations
Conceptualising Processes of Sociocultural Change
Discrepant Identities in the Republic
Overpowering or Makebelieve?
Adapting and Integrating in the Principate
Identitycreation in a Global World
ªBecoming Roman in Northwest Italy?
Telif Hakkı

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