Truths and Fancies from Fairy Land, Or Fairy Stories with a Purpose

Ön Kapak
T. Nelson and Sons, 1867 - 128 sayfa
The fairy palace -- The wonderful history of King Charming and Princess Rosetta -- The wood-elves -- The story of Sir Modestus and the Lady Isoline -- A story from the east -- The three wishes -- The fairy of the lake.

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Sayfa 74 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me, Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
Sayfa 8 - Daintily fed with honey and pure dew — Midsummer's phantoms in her dreaming hours, King Oberon, and all his merry crew, The darling puppets of romance's view • Fairies, and sprites, and goblin elves we call them, Famous for patronage of lovers true ; — No harm they act, neither shall harm befall them, So do not thus with crabbed frowns appal them.
Sayfa 107 - The dairy-maid expects no fairy guest, To skim the bowls, and after pay the feast. She sighs, and shakes her empty shoes in vain, No silver penny to reward her pain...
Sayfa 106 - ... and laughter being a visible symptom of some inward satisfaction, it is then, if ever, we may believe the face. There is, perhaps, no better index to point us to the particularities of the mind than this, which is in itself one of the chief distinctions of our rationality. For, as Milton says, — Smiles from reason flow, to brutes denied, — And are of love the food.
Sayfa 21 - Then, fair lady," said the cavalier, removing his plumed hat, " deign to receive this letter which the king, your father, has charged me to place in your hands'" Rosetta, surprised, took the missive, opened it, and read as follows :— " ROSETTA, — Your sisters are now eighteen years old; and of an age to be married. I have invited the princes and princesses of every kingdom in the world to be present at the fetes which I shall give in order to select suitable husbands for them.
Sayfa 118 - tis a fairer season ; ye have breathed Rich benedictions o'er us ; ye have wreathed Fresh garlands : for sweet music has been heard In many places ; some has been upstirred From out its crystal dwelling in a lake...
Sayfa 89 - Almighty's form ;' the sky is not to the poet a ' foul and pestilent congregation of vapours,' it is a magnificent canopy ' fretted with golden fire,' nay, to his anointed eye every blade of grass lives, every flower has its sentiment, every tree its moral, and — ; Visions, as poetic eyes avow, Hang in each leaf, and cling to every bough.' This perpetual personification springs from that principle of love which teaches the poet not only to regard all men as his brethren, the whole earth as his...
Sayfa 119 - Why art thou so sad?" she inquired; "why are thine eyes heavy, and thy brow wrinkled with care?" Rudolph's knees knocked together when he heard her speak; and it was a minute or two before he could recover himself sufficiently to answer : " I was once rich find happy, most serene ; but misfortunes have fallen upon me.

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