Harper's Magazine, 18. cilt

Ön Kapak
Harper's Magazine Company, 1859

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Sayfa 449 - First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen," was originally used in the resolutions presented to Congress on the death of Washington, December, 1799.
Sayfa 266 - That the mighty Pan Was kindly come to live with them below ; Perhaps their loves, or else their sheep, Was all that did their silly thoughts so busy keep.
Sayfa 440 - ... is more pleasantly situated. In a high and healthy country ; in a latitude between the extremes of heat and cold ; on one of the finest rivers in the world ; a river well stocked with various kinds of fish at all seasons of the year, and in the spring with shad, herrings, bass, carp, sturgeon, etc., in great abundance.
Sayfa 447 - WASHINGTON, The Defender of his Country, the Founder of Liberty, The Friend of Man. History and Tradition are explored in vain For a Parallel to his Character. In the Annals of modern Greatness, He stands alone, And the noblest Names of Antiquity Lose their Lustre in his Presence. Born the Benefactor of Mankind, He united all the Qualities necessary To an Illustrious Career. Nature made him Great, He made himself Virtuous. Called by his Country to the Defence of her Liberties, He triumphantly vindicated...
Sayfa 84 - ... say authors) ; and for royal robes, a mere soldier's blue coat with red facings, — coat likely to be old, and sure to have a good deal of Spanish snuff on the breast of it ; rest of the apparel dim, unobtrusive in...
Sayfa 84 - He is a King every inch of him, though without the trappings of a King. Presents himself in a Spartan simplicity of vesture: no crown but an old military cocked-hat, — generally old, or trampled and kneaded into absolute softness, if new; — no sceptre but one like Agamemnon's, a walking-stick cut from the woods, which serves also as a riding-stick (with which he hits the horse "between the ears...
Sayfa 433 - And his disciples heard it. ^Then they came to Jerusalem. And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who were selling and those who were buying in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves; ""and he would not allow anyone to carry anything through the temple.
Sayfa 503 - May, and we were all charmed with our new residence. The portion of Twenty-sixth Street where our house is situated — between Seventh and Eighth Avenues — is one of the pleasantest localities in New York. The gardens back of the houses, running down nearly to the Hudson, form, in the summer time, a perfect avenue of verdure. The air is pure and invigorating, sweeping, as it does, straight across the river from the Weehawken heights, and even the ragged garden which surrounded the house...
Sayfa 15 - I've seen a sack upon his back As thick as the miller, and quite as long. Always busy, and always merry, Always doing his very best, A notable wag was Little Jerry, Who uttered well his standing jest. How Jerry lived is known to fame, But how he died there's none may know; One autumn day the rumor came, "The brook and Jerry are very low.
Sayfa 507 - It had respiratory organs ; that was evident by its breathing. Once reduced to a state of insensibility, we could do with it what we would. Doctor X was sent for, and after the worthy physician had recovered from the first shock of amazement he proceeded to administer the chloroform. In three minutes afterward we were enabled to remove the fetters from the creature's body, and a well-known modeler of this city was busily engaged in covering the invisible form with the moist clay.

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