Canterbury Tales, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 22 - I hadde the bettre leyser for to pleye, And for to se, and eek for to be seye Of lusty folk; what wiste I, wher my grace Was shapen for to be, or in what place ? Therfore I made my visitaciouns 555 To vigilies and to processiouns, To prechyng eek, and to thise pilgrimages, To pleyes of myracles, and to mariages ; And wered upon my gaye scarlet gytes.
Sayfa 47 - He that coveiteth is a povre wight, For he wolde han that is nat in his myght; But he that noght hath, ne coveiteth have, Is riche, although ye holde hym but a knave. Verray poverte, it syngeth proprely ; Juvenal seith of poverte myrily : The povre man, whan he goth by the weye, Bifore the theves he may synge and pleye.
Sayfa 19 - It tikleth me aboute myn herte roote ! Unto this day it dooth myn herte boote That I have had my world, as in my tyme. But Age, alias ! that al wole envenyme, Hath me biraft my beautee and my pith...
Sayfa 92 - Ye ryde as coy and stille as dooth a mayde Were newe spoused, sittynge at the bord; This day ne herde I of youre tonge a word. I trowe ye studie aboute som sophyme; 5 But Salomon seith 'every thyng hath tyme.
Sayfa 220 - That nevere in al his lyf he day ne nyght Ne sholde upon hym take no maistrie Agayn hir wyl, ne kithe...
Sayfa 143 - Ne dreed hem nat, doth hem no reverence, For though thyn housbonde armed be in maille, The arwes of thy crabbed eloquence Shal perce his brest and eek his aventaille.
Sayfa 460 - Mooder, and alle the seintes of hevene,/ bisekynge hem that they from hennes forth unto my lyves ende sende me grace to biwayle my giltes and to studie to the salvacioun of my soule, and graunte me grace of verray penitence, confessioun and satisfaccioun to doon in this present lyf...
Sayfa 251 - Sith thilke tyme which that ye were born. My trouthe I plighte, I shal yow never repreve Of no biheste, and heere I take my leve, As of the treweste and the beste wyf That evere yet I knew in al my lyf . 1540 But every wyf be war of hire biheeste! On Dorigen remembreth, atte leeste. Thus kan a squier doon a gentil dede As wel as kan a knyght, withouten drede.
Sayfa 44 - allas! nay, nay! It wol nat been amended nevere mo. Thou art so loothly, and so oold also, And therto comen of so lough a kynde, That litel wonder is thogh I walwe and wynde. So wolde God myn herte wolde breste!" "Is this," quod she, "the cause of youre unreste?" "Ye, certeinly,

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