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The only edition published by Spenser himself of Colin Clovts come home againe,' was that of 1595. This is our text, from a fine exemplar in my own Library. See Life in Vol. I., and Essays. I note here certain corrections, mainly of punctuation :1: 1, 'knowen' substituted for 1. 672, “Durst' for misprint of

• knowne' of the original-mere original ‘Darest'-accepted from displacing of ne.'

Dr. Morris. 1. 46, comma (,) for period (.). 1. 695 is an odd line : the poem 1. 93, ‘chose': 1611 spells 'choose.' otherwise is in alternate rhymes 1. 170, ‘singults' for misprint 'sin- (Ist and 3rd, 2nd and 4th): so that

gulfs.' See F. Q., B. XI., c. xi., somehow a line has been here st. 11, 1. 1.

dropped out by the printer, or it 1. 187, comma (,) after “regardfull.' may have been a flaw of the Poet's 1. 195, period (.) for, after “fare.' 1. 279, colon (:) for comma (,). 1. 759. ' far[e]'-the 'e' filled in. 1. 317, Dr. Morris prints ‘bordrags' See l. 760, 'misfaring,' which ex—and I accept, but indicate it as plains the ‘far' fare.

So Dr. a correction.

Morris. 1. 341, semi-colon (;) for, after 1. 764, ‘ Drownded'-1611 characDaffadillies,

teristically changes to ‘Drowned.' 1. 384, 'a'-inadvertently put before 1. 774, ? after 'there' for comma (.).

‘Corydon'-deleted : comma (,), 1. 775, comma (,) for colon (:). inserted after 'Corydon.'

1. 776, period for comma. 1. 365, semi-colon (;) for, after 1. 794, period for comma. dight.'

1. 851, comma after 't'eat,' 1. 489, 'Urania'-correction of origi- 1. 862, period after nature' for

nal's misprint “Uriana'-again mere displacing of letters.

1. 863. ‘life-giuing'— Dr. Morris's 11. 542, 544, colon (:) for period (.). excellent correction of 'like-giuing' 1. 602, ‘clusters' for 'glusters.' of the original, 1611, etc. 1. 603, b[ra]unches-the filling in 1. 866, colon (:) for comma.

corrects an obvious dropping of 1. 919, comma inserted after “be.' lettersmas noticed by Collier and 1. 925, comma for colon (:), and accepted by Dr. Morris.

1. 926, colon for comma. 1. 644, comma (,) after 'forgotten' 1. 953, period for comma. for period (.).




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THE RIGHT worthy and noble Knight Sir V Valter Raleigh, Captaine of her Maiesties Guard, Lord Wardein of the Stanneries, and Lieutenant of the Countie of


(:-) SIR, that you may see that I am not alwaies ydle

as yee thinke, though not greatly well occupied, nor altogither vndutifull, though not precisely officious, I make 10 you present of this simple pastorall, unworthie of your higher conceit for the meanese of the stile, but agreeing with the truth in circumstance and matter. The which I humbly beseech you to accept in part of paiment of the infinite debt in which I acknowledge my selfe bounden vnto you, for your singular fanours and sundrie good turnes shewed to me at my late being in England, and with your good countenance protect against the malice of

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