Rockin' in Time: A Social History of Rock-and-roll

Ön Kapak
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007 - 416 sayfa
Exploring rock-and-roll from its roots in Mississippi Delta to the present, author Dave Szatmary connects rock music to the changing cultures in the U.S. and Great Britain. As you travel through the five decades of rock, you will learn about the pioneering efforts of African Americans in the birth of rock-and-roll; the importance of the postwar Baby Boom on Presleymania; and the connection between Civil Rights and Bob Dylan, Motown, and soul music. Find out about the impact of the Vietnam War on the shattering blues of Jimi Hendrix; the link between the Me Decade and glam and disco; the British economic depression that led to the rise of punk; how a disillusioned Generation X developed grunge and rap; the forging of nu-metal in the age of the Internet; and the role of music in recent elections that resulted in rock uniting against Bush. Book jacket.

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