Chemicals and Long-Term Economic Growth: Insights from the Chemical Industry

Ön Kapak
Wiley, 22 Nis 1998 - 564 sayfa
A paperback edition of a highly successful hardcover edition, "Chemicals and Long-Term Economic Growth" examines how commercial and technological leadership in the chemical industry has developed over the last century and a half, the forces that powered this shifting leadership, and how economic and management lessons learned can help in creating policies to promote long-term economic health in the industry.
? Addresses the sources of comparative advantage and growth in the chemical industry, focusing on how these sources have varied over time, across countries, and in different industries.
? Discusses the development of new technologies and overall organization of the industry and what we can learn from them.

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ASHISH ARORA, PhD, received his PhD in economics from Stanford University in 1992 and is currently Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. His research focuses on the economics of technological change, management of technology, and technology policy.

RALPH LANDAU, ScD, was the cofounder, in 1946, and CEO of Halcon-Scientific Design Group, a prominent innovator in the chemical industry. He is a consulting professor of economics at Stanford University and a Research Fellow at Harvard′s Kennedy School. In 1985, he received the National Medal of Technology. He has also received the Perkin Medal (1981) and the Othmer Medal (1997). He was recently named one of Chemical & Engineering News′ Top 75 Contributors to the Chemical Enterprise. He has published numerous works dealing with technology, economic growth, and innovation.

NATHAN ROSENBERG, PhD, Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. Professor, has been Professor of Economics at Stanford University since 1974. His research has dealt primarily with the economics of technological change and the relationships between scientific research and changes in technology. His books include Perspective on Technology, Inside the Black Box, Technology and the Pursuit of Economic Growth (with David Mower), Exploring the Black Box, and How the West Grew Rich (with L. E. Birdzell). In 1996, he was awarded the Leonardo da Vinci Prize by the Society for the History of Technology.

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