The English Grammar: Carefully Rev. and Annotated

Ön Kapak
D. Appleton, 1883 - 254 sayfa

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Sayfa 103 - There are indeed but very few who know how to be idle and innocent, or have a relish of any pleasures that are not criminal ; every diversion they take is at the expense of some one virtue or another, and their very first step out of business is into vice or folly.
Sayfa 159 - I am. Thou art. He is. We are. You are. They are. I was. Thou wast He was. We were. You were. They were.
Sayfa 145 - Our ancient Saxon laws nominally punished theft with death, if above the value of 1 twelve-pence ; but the criminal was permitted to redeem his life by a pecuniary ransom ; as among their German ancestors.
Sayfa 87 - In a land of liberty it is extremely dangerous to make a distinct order of the profession of arms. In absolute monarchies this is necessary for the safety of the prince, and arises from the main principle of their constitution, which is that of governing by fear; but in free states the profession of a soldier, taken singly and merely as a profession, is justly an object of jealousy.
Sayfa 174 - The chief advantage which these fictions have over real life is, that their authors are at liberty, though not to invent, yet to select objects, and to cull from the mass of mankind those individuals upon which the attention ought most to be employed...
Sayfa 183 - The meaning of the words is this: that " logic is the art of using reason well in our inquiries after truth, and is also the communication of it to others." To be sure, we do understand that it means that " logic is the art of using reason well in our inquiries after truth, and in the communication of it to others;" but, surely, in a case like this, no room for doubt or for hesitation ought to have been left.
Sayfa 172 - The wit whose vivacity condemns slower tongues to silence, the scholar whose knowledge allows no man to fancy that he instructs him, the critic who suffers no fallacy to pass undetected, and the reasoner who condemns the idle to thought, and the negligent to attention, are generally praised and feared, reverenced and avoided.
Sayfa 193 - I am still engaged in negociations for this purpose : the success of them must, however, depend on my disposition being met with corresponding sentiments on the part of the enemy. " The operations of his Majesty's forces by sea and land in the Chesapeake, in the course of the present year, have been attended with the most brilliant and successful results.
Sayfa 128 - has long been a fashionable expression ; an expression which has been well criticised by asking the gentlemen who use it, how they would like to obtain moderate justice in a court of law, or to meet with moderate chastity in a wife.
Sayfa 114 - However, my dear James, let this strong and striking instance of the misuse of the word it serve you in the way of caution. Never put an it upon paper without thinking well of what you are about. When I see many its in a page, I always tremble for the writer.

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