A tour through Germany, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 270 - See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.
Sayfa 69 - The clergyman consecrates the bread and wine, which is uncovered during the ceremony. There were about one hundred and eighty communicants. A quarter of an hour after the ceremony, before they had quitted the church, more than sixty of the communicants were taken ill: several died in the most violent agonies; others of a more vigorous constitution survived by the help of medical assistance ; a most violent, consternation prevailed...
Sayfa 358 - The ftream which, without knowing the path it muft purfue, meanders flowly through the plain, nifties through the mountains, and grows impetuous in its courfe ; the motion of the clouds, the revolutions or the fky, and the peals of thunder^ are all more ftrong and animated. The vallies in the fair feafon of the year, are filled with finer perfumes of flowers and herbs thanthofe of the plains, whofe'.
Sayfa 66 - It is horrid" said the Austrian emperor, "that a place of worship, a temple of the supreme Being, should be converted into a pest-house for living creatures.
Sayfa 359 - GERMANY, they all, even the fmalleft features of them, appear more ftriking and engaging. Here at once nature prefents the peculiarities of every feafon, and the moft different climes. As long as the fummer lafts, in the bottom of the valley the heat of Africa is felt; in the middle of the mountain you enjoy the moderate temperature of fpring; and the top reminds you of Siberia. And how various are the forms, chains and heaps of mountains and hills! Man refembles his foil, unlefs education and fociety...
Sayfa 71 - ... it was at length perceived, by the rays of the sun, that they issued from the grave of the lady who had been buried the preceding fortnight. The people not belonging to the vestry were dismissed, and four men employed to open the grave and the coffin ; in doing which two of them dropped down, and expired upon the spot; and the other two were only saved by.
Sayfa 71 - ... of the lady who had been buried the preceding fortnight. The people not belonging to the vestry were dismissed, and four 'men were employed to open the grave and the coffin : in doing which, two of them dropt down and expired on the spot, and the other two were only saved by the utmost exertion of medical talents. It is beyond the power of words to describe the horrid sight of the corpse when the coffin vtai opened.
Sayfa 337 - ... every nerve. Let us now compare the advantages which a rich farmer can draw from his lands, with the advantages refulting to a middling or a poor i 4 one. one. The poor man muft. fell his produce as quickly as poffible, and generally at a low price, becaufe his creditors are urgent. The middling one cannot keep the price up long, becaufe he is in danger of being obliged to borrow money, and of lofing by the intereft as much as he could gain I5y laying by.
Sayfa 43 - ... the golden number, with the age and change of the moon ; and the third the dominical letter. The fourth and fifth circles represented the ancient Roman calendar.
Sayfa 237 - Benfheim, where it is about eight leagues irt length, and four in breadth. This continual chain of hills and eminences on the right hand is covered with woods near the top, and nearer the plain with: vineyards. The level road is all along planted with rows of walnut-trees, with field* and meadows, of an exuberant fertility, on each fide.