The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages: pt. 1. Italy. Spain. France. Germany. Scotland, etc

Ön Kapak
Clarendon Press, 1895

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Sayfa 702 - Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostre concessionis infringere, vel ei ausu temerario contraire. Si quis autem hoc attemptare presumpserit, indignationem Omnipotentis Dei et beatorum Petri et Pauli, apostolorum ejus, se noverit incursurum.
Sayfa 756 - court of summary jurisdiction" shall mean any justice or justices of the peace, or other magistrate, by whatever name called, to whom jurisdiction is given by, or who is authorised to act under, the Summary Jurisdiction Acts...
Sayfa 757 - A petty sessional court-house means a court-house or other place at which justices are accustomed to assemble for holding special or petty sessions, or which is for the time being appointed as a substitute for such court-house or place...
Sayfa 756 - Where a case arising under this act, or under any other act, whether past or future...
Sayfa 629 - But, by my counsel, it shall not be best for us to fall to the lowest fare first: we will not therefore descend to Oxford fare, nor to the fare of New Inn. But we will begin with Lincoln's Inn diet...
Sayfa 375 - Croydon the Vintner brought them some, but they disliking it, as it should seem, and he avouching it to be good, several snappish words passed between them. At length the Vintner giving them stubborn and saucy language, they threw the wine and vessel at his head.
Sayfa 678 - From a practical point of view their greatest service to mankind was simply this, that they placed the administration of human affairs — in short, the government of the world — in the hands of educated men.
Sayfa 677 - It was not the wont of the practical men of the Middle Ages to disparage academic training. The rapid multiplication of Universities during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries was largely due to a direct demand for highly educated lawyers and administrators.
Sayfa 572 - But it may be stated with some confidence that at least in the later Middle Age the smallest towns and even the larger villages possessed Schools where a boy might learn to read and acquire the first rudiments of ecclesiastical Latin...
Sayfa 684 - Universities have more or less discharged amid the widest possible variety of system and method and organization, hardly excepting even the periods of their lowest degradation, are to make possible the life of study, whether for a few years or during a whole career, and to bring together during that period, face to face in living intercourse, teacher and teacher, teacher and student, student and student.

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