Report of Proceedings: With the Papers Read at the ... Annual General Meeting, 4. cilt,1893. bölüm

Ön Kapak
The Association, 1893
Report of the first meeting, includes a short account of the formation of the Association.

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Sayfa 83 - Last week I saw a woman flayed, and you will hardly believe how much it altered her person for the worse.
Sayfa 32 - ... the records and public documents in the Rolls Office or Somerset House. • As the actual comparison of specimen with specimen is the basis of zoological and botanical research, and as work done with imperfect materials is necessarily imperfect in itself, it is far the wisest policy to concentrate in a few great central institutions, the number and situation of which must be determined by the population and resources of the country, all the collections (especially those containing author's types...
Sayfa 47 - In this the primary arrangement to be aimed at is first, absolutely to separate the archaeological, historic, and art portions of the collection from the natural history, if, as will generally be the case, both are to be represented in the museum. If possible they should be in distinct rooms. The second point is to divide each branch into two sections : I, a strictly limited general or type collection, arranged upon a purely educational plan ; 2, a local collection, consisting only of objects found...
Sayfa 60 - The primal duties shine aloft — like stars ; The charities that soothe, and heal, and bless, Are scattered at the feet of Man — like flowers.
Sayfa 74 - I can in the time, convince you, that the entire vitality of art depends upon its being either full of truth, or full of use ; and that, however pleasant, wonderful, or impressive it may be in itself, it must yet be of inferior kind, and tend to deeper inferiority, unless it has clearly one of these main objects, — either to state a true thing, or to adorn a serviceable one.
Sayfa 60 - I long for the day when the husbandman shall sing portions of them to himself as he follows the plough, when the weaver shall hum them to the tune of his shuttle, when the traveller shall while away with their stories the weariness of his journey.
Sayfa 42 - In the National Museum in Washington the collections are divided into two great classes, — the exhibition series, which constitutes the educational portion of the museum, and is exposed to public view with all possible accessories for public entertainment and instruction ; and the study series, which is kept in scientific laboratories, and is scarcely examined except by professional investigators. In every properly...
Sayfa 43 - By such an arrangement, that most desirable object, the union of palaeontology with the zoology and botany of existing forms in one natural scheme, could be perfectly carried out, as both the structural and the geological relations of each would be preserved, and indicated by its position in the museum. Such a building would undoubtedly offer difficulties in practical construction ; but even if these could be got over, our extremely imperfect knowledge of the past history of animal and plant life...
Sayfa 34 - If an object is worth putting into a gallery at all, it is worth such a position as will enable it to be seen. Every specimen exhibited should be good of its kind, and all available skill and care should be spent upon its preservation, and rendering it capable of teaching the lesson it is intended to convey. Every specimen should have its definite purpose, and no absolute duplicate should on any account be admitted. Above all, the purpose for which each specimen is exhibited, and the main lesson...
Sayfa 45 - ... life would make its arrangement with all the gaps and irregularities that would become evident, so unsatisfactory, that I can scarcely hope to see it adopted in the near future. I have therefore brought before you a humbler plan, but one which, I think, will be found to embody the practical principles necessary in a working museum of almost any description, large or small. The fundamental idea of this plan is that the whole of the building should be divided by lines intersecting at right angles,...

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