On the Old Road: A Collection of Miscellaneous Essays, Pamphlets, Etc., Etc., Published 1834-1885, 1. cilt,2. sayı

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Sayfa 712 - As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.
Sayfa 633 - Last week I saw a woman flayed, and you will hardly believe how much it altered her person for the worse.
Sayfa 430 - This then is the great enigma of Art History, — you must not follow Art without pleasure, nor must you follow it for the sake of pleasure. And the solution of that enigma, is simply this fact ; that wherever Art has been followed only for the sake of luxury or delight, it has contributed, and largely contributed, to bring about the destruction of the nation practising it : but wherever Art has been used alto to teach any truth, or supposed truth — religious, moral, or natural — there it has...
Sayfa 692 - ... them not flare, nay, not redden in the faintest degree, but reflect a brilliant speck of white light. Everything was unsubstantial, yet not as in a mist, nay, rather substantial, but flat, as if cut out of paper and pasted on the black branches and green leaves, the livid, glaring houses, with roofs of dead, scarce perceptible red (as when an iron turning white-hot from red-hot in the stithy grows also dull and dim).
Sayfa 721 - ... contortion of the beds themselves. The Savoy Mountains are chiefly of this latter class. When stratified formations are contorted, it is usually either by pressure from below, which raises one part of the formation above the rest ; or by lateral pressure, which reduces the whole formation into a series of waves. The ascending pressure may be limited in its sphere of operation ; the lateral one necessarily affects extensive tracts of country, and the eminences it produces vanish only by degrees,...
Sayfa 698 - Geneva so transparent, that the bottom can be seen twenty feet below the surface, yet so blue, that you might imagine it to be a solution of indigo.
Sayfa 658 - ... accept it. And, worse still, you find such confidence in the power of the creed that men not only can do anything that is wrong, and be themselves for a word of faith pardoned, but are even sure that after the wrong is done God is sure to put it all right again for them, or even make things better than they were before. Now I need not point out to you how the spirit of persecution as well as of vain hope, founded on creed only, is mingled in every line with the lovely moral teaching of the Divina...
Sayfa 688 - ... these terms — oh my benevolent friends, I am with you, hand and glove, in every effort you wish to make for the enlightenment of poor men's eyes. But if your motive is, on the contrary, to put two pence into your own purse, stolen between the Jerusalem and Jericho of Keswick and Ambleside, out of the poor drunken traveller's pocket ; — if your real object, in your charitable offering, is, not even to lend unto the Lord by giving to the poor, but to lend unto the Lord by making a dividend...
Sayfa 713 - Davy in hie lonely meditations on the crags of Cornwall, or, in his solitary laboratory, might discover the most sublime mysteries of nature, and trace out the most intricate combinations of her elements. But the meteorologist is impotent if alone ; his observations are useless, for they are made upon a point, while the speculations to be derived from them must be on space.
Sayfa 474 - the stone ; " the roar of the long fall of the Toccia seems to mix with the sound of it, bringing thoughts of the great Alpine patience ; mute snow wreathed by grey rock, till avalanche time comes — patience of mute tormented races till the time of the Grey league came ; at last impatient.

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