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Sayfa 311 - The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar : and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven ; till his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds
Sayfa 40 - As they pursued their travels, partly by land, and partly by water, sometimes near and at other times on the great Saltwater Lake, as they call the Sea, they discovered the great River, which we call the Delaware...
Sayfa 104 - The history of their labors is connected with the origin of every celebrated town in the annals of French America : not a cape was turned, nor a river entered, but a Jesuit led the way.
Sayfa 92 - ... yourselves, you will be permitted to live there, or whether you have not swallowed that land down your throats as well as the land on this side. We, therefore, assign you two places to go — either to Wyoming or Shamokin. You may go to either of these places and then we shall have you more under our eye, and shall see how you behave.
Sayfa 93 - This string of wampum serves to forbid you, your children and grand-children to the latest posterity, for ever, meddling in land affairs; neither you nor any who shall descend from you, are ever hereafter to presume to sell any land : for which purpose you are to preserve this string, in memory of what your uncles have this day given you in charge. We have some other business to transact with our brothers; and therefore depart the Council, and consider what has been said to you.
Sayfa 177 - We shall approach, and perhaps exceed, a just estimate of their numbers two hundred years ago, if to the various tribes of the Algonquin race we allow about ninety thousand; of the Eastern Sioux, less than three thousand; of the Iroquois, including their southern kindred, about seventeen thousand; of the Catawbas, three thousand; of the Cherokees, twelve thousand; of the Mobilian confederacies and tribes,—that is, of the Chickasas, VOL.
Sayfa 92 - This is the behaviour of the wise united nations. But we find you are none of our blood; you act a dishonest part, not only in this, but in other matters; your ears are ever open to slanderous reports about your brethren.
Sayfa 414 - So great was his charity that his salary was often distributed for the relief of his needy neighbors so soon after the period at which he received it, that before another period arrived his own family were straitened for the comforts of life. One day the parish treasurer, on paying him the money for salary due, which he put into a handkerchief, in order to prevent Mr.
Sayfa 91 - ... are altogether in the wrong in their dealings with you. We have concluded to remove them, and oblige them to go over the river Delaware, and quit all claim to any lands on this side for the future, since they have received pay for them, and it is gone through their guts long ago. To confirm to you that we will see your request executed, we lay down this string of wampum in return for yours.
Sayfa 413 - Gods work I was about, and he was with me, and I feared not him, nor all the Sachems in the Country, and I was resolved to go on do what they can, and they nor he should hinder that which I had begun, &c.

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