Darwinism and Other Essays: By John Fiske

Ön Kapak
Houghton, Mifflin, 1885 - 374 sayfa

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Sayfa 170 - To do good to others ; to sacrifice for their benefit your own wishes ; to love your neighbour as yourself; to forgive your enemies; to restrain your passions; to honour your parents; to respect those who are set over you : these, and a few others, are the sole essentials of morals; but they have been known for thousands of years, and not one jot or tittle has been added to them by all the sermons, homilies, and text-books which moralists and theologians have been able to produce.
Sayfa 152 - Whatever the moral and intellectual progress of men may be, it resolves itself not into a progress of natural capacity, but into a progress, if I may so say, of opportunity; that is, an improvement in the circumstances under which that capacity after birth comes into play. Here, then, lies the gist of the whole matter. The progress is one, not of internal power, but of external advantage.
Sayfa 229 - ... by perpetual incursions of Tataric tribes preventing the growth of anything like nationality. Under some circumstances the pressure exerted by a totally alien enemy might serve as a stimulus to national consolidation. But here the various races were too recently brought together, and the pressure of barbaric attack was so great as to keep society disorganized. The races of the Danube are accordingly still so heterogeneous that it is worth while to point out their various affinities and give some...
Sayfa 158 - ... but how many instances there are of such qualities not being hereditary. Until something of this sort is attempted, we can know nothing about the matter inductively ; while until physiology and chemistry are much more advanced, we can know nothing about it deductively. These considerations ought to prevent us from receiving statements (Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence, pp.
Sayfa 166 - But the emotions are as much a part of us as the understanding ; they are as truthful ; they are as likely to be right. Though their view is different, it is not capricious. They obey fixed laws ; they follow an orderly and uniform course ; they run in sequences; they have their logic and method of inference.
Sayfa 250 - Ш 8то. taining that the consecrated wafer is in nowise different from ordinary bread. Some of them are said to have neglected baptism altogether. They regarded image-worship as no better than heathen idolatry, and they paid no respect to the symbol of the cross, asking, " If any man slew the son of a king with a bit of wood, how could this piece of wood be dear to the king?
Sayfa 254 - It also finds excuse in its alleged power of communicating the wisdom of past ages. The grand depositories of human knowledge are not the ancient but the modern tongues. Few are the facts worth knowing that are to be exclusively obtained by a knowledge of Latin and Greek...
Sayfa 192 - That the great enemy of this movement, and therefore the great enemy "of civilization, is the protective spirit; by which I mean the notion that society cannot prosper, unless the affairs of life are watched over and protected at nearly every turn by the state and the church; the state teaching men what they are to do, and the church teaching them what they are to believe.

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