An Almanac of Contemporary and Comparative Judicial Restatements (ACCJR Supp. ii Public Law): ACCJR Supplement ii

Ön Kapak
Almanac Foundation, 2 Oca 2020 - 1104 sayfa

 Public law


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Chapter III
Telif Hakkı

Sık kullanılan terimler ve kelime öbekleri

Yazar hakkında (2020)

 The Almanac book series are law publications that state evaluate, compare and assess Nigerian statutes and case law with contemporary statutes, laws and judicial/legal framework of other jurisdictions.

There are seven cross-referenced volumes with comprehensive contents, narrowed subject-matter contents and side notes for quick and easy reference.

This encyclopaedic work is first-hand information and makes briefing and reviewing work of legal advisers or counsel easy to follow. It also leaves no one in the dark of what position our courts have taken on matters.

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