The Philosophy of School Management

Ön Kapak
Ginn, 1895 - 222 sayfa

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Sayfa 46 - Build me straight, O worthy Master, Staunch and strong, a goodly vessel, That shall laugh at all disaster, And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!
Sayfa 214 - Daily, with souls that cringe and plot, We Sinais climb and know it not. Over our manhood bend the skies ; Against our fallen and traitor lives The great winds utter prophecies ; With our faint hearts the mountain strives, Its arms outstretched, the druid wood Waits with its benedicite ; And to our age's drowsy blood Still shouts the inspiring sea.
Sayfa 219 - The Principles of Argumentation. By GEORGE P. BAKER, Assistant Professor of English in Harvard University. Cloth. 414 pages. For introduction, $1.12. The Forms of Discourse. With an introductory chapter on style. By WILLIAM B. CAIRNS, Instructor in Rhetoric in the University of Wisconsin. Cloth. 356 pages. For introduction, $1.15. Outlines of the Art of Expression. By JH GILMORE, Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, and English in the University of Rochester, NY Cloth.
Sayfa 219 - Lessons in English. Adapted to the study of American Classics. A text-book for High Schools and Academies. By SARA EH LOCKWOOD, formerly teacher of English in the High School, New Haven, Conn. 12mo. Cloth. xix + 403 pages. Mailing price, $1.25 ; for introduction, $1.12.
Sayfa 203 - has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other...
Sayfa 220 - ... Characteristics of the English Poets. (From Chaucer to Shirley.) 382 pages. Price, $1.50. Montgomery's Heroic Ballads. Poems of War and Patriotism. Edited with Notes by DH Montgomery. 319 pages. Boards, 40 cts.: Cloth, 50 cts. Phelps's Beginnings of the English Romantic Movement. 192 pages. Price, $1.00.
Sayfa 45 - The merchant's word Delighted the Master heard ; For his heart was in his work, and the heart Giveth grace unto every Art.
Sayfa 220 - Selections in English Prose from Elizabeth to Victoria. 701 pages. Price, $1.50. Gayley's Classic Myths in English Literature. 540 pages. Price, $1.50, Gayley's Introduction to Study of Literary Criticism. In press. Gummere's Handbook of Poetics. 250 pages. Price, $1.00. Hudson's Life, Art, and Characters of Shakespeare.
Sayfa 203 - Work thou for pleasure : paint or sing or carve The thing thou lovest, though the body starve. Who works for glory misses oft the goal ; Who works for money coins his very soul. Work for the work's sake, then, and it may be That these things shall be added unto thee.
Sayfa 219 - Cloth. 117 pages. For introduction, 60 cents. The Rhetoric Tablet. By FN SCOTT, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, University of Michigan, and JV DENNEY, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Ohio State University. No. i, white paper (ruled). No. 2, tinted paper (ruled). Sixty sheets in each. For introduction, 15 cents. Public Speaking and Debate. A manual for advocates and agitators. By GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE. Cloth. 266 pages. For introduction, $1.oo.

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