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Mr. Grattan-Character and conduct of Lord Westmoreland-Public

feeling in Ireland-Dinner by the Whigs of the capital-Resolutions

of the Volunteers, Decree of Louis XVI. in favour of toleration-

French revolution-French principles in Ireland—Question of Ro-

man Catholic Emancipation-Effect of the penal laws—Edmund

Burke's writings in favour of the Catholics—Ill treatment of the

Catholics by the Government–Their communication with the Whig

Club-Lord Kenmare's address to the Lord-lieutenant-Address of

the “Sixty-eight”—People disapprove of both addresses-Conduct of

the Opposition-Meeting of Parliament, January, 1792—Mr. Grat-

tan's speech - Remarkable eulogy on Dean Kirwan-Account of

his charity sermons

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Roman Catholic Bill of 1792, proposed by Sir Hercules Langrishe,

supported by Mr. Hobart the secretary-Catholic resolutions—Mr.
boroughs-Wm. Ponsonby supports Reform--Mr. Grattan moves

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for a committee-Mr, Corry's amendment—Mr. Grattan's resolutions

-Sir John Parnell's carried— Mr. Toler's motion - Stewart (Lord

Castlereagh) speaks in favour of it—Measure lost-Bad effect in Ire-

land - British Corresponding Societies - Artifices of Mr. Dundas

(Lord Melville)-Formation of United Irishmen-Counter associa-

tion by the Duke of Leinster-Parties in Ireland—Disposition of her

governors, and conduct of Lord Clare- French Revolution-Death

of Louis XVI.-War with England -Defenders-Report of Lords'

Committee-Catholics cleared of the charges against them-Procla-

mation by Government-Lord Edward Fitzgerald's speech-Volun-

teers dispersed—Their cannon seized-Arms and Gunpowder Bill-

Sir Simon Butler and Oliver Bond imprisoned by the House of Lords

-Convention Bill-Place, Pension, and Barren Land Bills—The

hereditary revenue yielded by the King—End of Session, 1793—List

of placemen.

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Wolfe Tone goes from America to France-Urges the invasion of Ire-

land - French forces--their failure - Letter to Mr. Grattan, and

despatch of Lord Lieutenant as to loyalty of Catholics-Measures in

Irish Parliament—Military proceedings in 1797–Imprisonments-

Arthur O'Connor arrested-General Lake's proclamation-North of

Ireland under military law — Mr. Grattan's motion negatived —

Excesses of the soldiery-Mr. Fox's motion in British Parliament for

Jenient measures towards Ireland —Dr. Duigenan's motion against

Mr. Fox-Arrest of United Irishmen at Belfast-Report of Secret

Committee, May, 1797—Number, arms, finances, and plan of Society

-Its originators described by Dr. M‘Nevin-Trial of United Irish-

men-Curran's speech – Mr. Ponsonby's motion for reform and

emancipation - The Opposition Members secede-Feeling in England

and Ireland as to Mr. Pitt-Meetings and resolutions of the Irish in

defence of their rights The Lord Lieutenant and the soldiery stop

them -Mr. Grattan declines to set up at the general election-

Addresses his constituents—They resolve not to attend the trustings

-He retires from the yeomanry-Goes to Castleconnell for his health

-His letter to his fellow-citizens-Lord Clare attacks Lord Ald-

borough and the leaders of the Opposition-Mr. Grattan defenda

them-Mr. Pitt disapproves of Lord Clare's conduct—Letter of Dr.

Haliday to Lord Camden-Mr. Fox and the Bishop of Waterford to

Mr. Grattan-His reply - Letters to Mr. Monck, Mr. M'Can, and the

Reverend Mr. Berwick

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