A Treatise On Various Subjects

Ön Kapak
Independently Published, 10 Tem 2019 - 244 sayfa
This Treatise is divided into twelve Chapters and the subjects therein are discussed in the following order: Chapter 1 - Of the original purity of human natureChapter 2 - Of the present entire depravity of human natureChapter 3 - On the Spirit's work in Regeneration; and also in Conversion and SanctificationChapter 4 - Of the great difference between real conversion, and the mere semblance of itChapter 5 - On the life of faithChapter 6 - Of the assurance of faithChapter 7 - Of a believer's growth in graceChapter 8 - On declension in the power of godliness, and its causes Chapter 9 - Of the symptoms of declension in the power of godlinessChapter 10 - Of the means of revival, under decays of graceChapter 11 - Of the temptations of the present age; and cautions against themChapter 12 - Of holy and spiritual Communion with GodAppendix 1 - Analytical Index to the whole bookAppendix 2 - An Account of the choice experience of Mrs. Anne Brine extracted from the funeral sermon preached on the occasion of her death by Dr. John Gil

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