History of America Before Columbus: According to Documents and Approved Authors, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak
J.B. Lippincott, 1900
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Sayfa 592 - Ecclesiarum ipsarum regiminibus agitur committendis, tales eis in pastores praeficere studeamus, qui populiini snae curae commissum sciant non solum doctrina verbi, sed etiam exemplo boni operis informare, commissasque sibi Ecclesias in statu pacifico et tranquillo velint et valeant, auctore Domino, salubriter regere, et feliciter gubernare.
Sayfa 18 - One day, as he sat musing on a rock, a storm arose on the sea; a cloud, under whose squally skirts the foaming waters tossed, rushed suddenly into the bay, and from its dark womb emerged a boat with white sails bent to the wind and banks of gleaming oars on either side.
Sayfa 331 - British [Welsh] language, and did preach to them in the same language three times a week, and they would confer with me about any thing that was difficult therein, and at our departure they abundantly supplied us with whatever was necessary to our support and well doing. They are settled upon Pontigo River, not far from Cape Atros. This is a brief recital of my travels among the Doeg Indians. MORGAN JONES, the son of John Jones, of Basateg, near Newport, in the County of Monmouth. I am ready to conduct...
Sayfa 524 - ... correxerit, potestatis honorisque sui dignitate careat reamque se divino judicio existere de perpetrata iniquitate cognoscat et a sacratissimo corpore et sanguine Dei et domini redemptoris nostri...
Sayfa 331 - Then presently came an Indian to me, which afterward appeared to be a war captain belonging to the sachem of the Doegs (whose original, I find, must needs be from the Old Britons), and took me up by the middle, and told me in the British [Welsh] tongue I should not die...
Sayfa 329 - Welsh coracle, made of raw hides, the skins of buffaloes, stretched underneath a frame made of willow or other boughs, and shaped nearly round, like a tub; which the woman carries on her head from her wigwam to the mater's edge, and having stepped into it, stands in front, and propels it by dipping her paddle forward, and drawing it to her, instead of paddling by the side.
Sayfa 556 - Grandimontensi vel eorum universitatibus aut personis singularibus generaliter vel specialiter, sub quacunque forma vel expressione verborum a memorata sede concessis, de quibus quorumque totis tenoribus de verbo ad verbum in nostris litteris specialis, plena et expressa mentio sit habenda.
Sayfa 524 - Si qua igitur in futurum ecclesiastica secularisve persona hanc nostrae constitutionis paginam sciens contra eam temere venire temptaverit secundo tertiove commonita si non satisfactione congrua emendaverit potestatis honorisque sui dignitate careat, reamque se divino judicio existere de perpetrata iniquitate cognoscat et a sacratissimo corpore ac sanguine Dei et Domini Redemptoris nostri Jesu Christi aliena fiat, atque in extremo examine districtae ultioni subjaceat.
Sayfa 592 - Consistorialia), p. 46. (Ref. top. 442.) meritis nobis ex alto commissum, quo ecclesiarum omnium regimini presidemus, utiliter exequi coadiuvante Domino cupientes soliciti corde reddimur et solertes, ut, cum de ipsarum regiminibus agitur committendis, tales eis in pastores preficere studeamus, qui commissum sibi gregem dominicum sciant non solum doctrina verbi sed...
Sayfa 596 - Cum itaque fili carissime sit virtutis opus, Dei ministros benigno favore prosequi ac eos verbis et operibus pro Regis eterni gloria...

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