The history of England, during the reign of George iii, 3. cilt

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Sayfa 79 - How high they soared above the crowd ! Theirs was no common party race, Jostling by dark intrigue for place ; Like fabled gods, their mighty war Shook realms and nations in its jar...
Sayfa 260 - March, 1811, so revoke or modify her edicts as that they should cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States...
Sayfa 79 - Look'd up the noblest of the land, Till through the British world were known The names of Pitt and Fox alone. Spells of such force, no wizard grave E'er framed in dark Thessalian cave ; Though his could drain the ocean dry, And force the planets from the sky.
Sayfa 510 - I have observed, with great concern, the attempts which have recently been made, in some of the manufacturing districts, to take advantage of circumstances of local distress, to excite a spirit of disaffection to the institutions and government of the country.
Sayfa 312 - I cannot conclude without expressing the gratification I should feel, if some of those persons with whom the early habits of my public life were formed, would strengthen my hands, and constitute a part of my government.
Sayfa 486 - House papers containing information respecting certain practices, meetings, and combinations in the metropolis, and in different parts of the kingdom, evidently calculated to endanger the public tranquillity, to alienate the affections of his Majesty's subjects from his Majesty's person and government, and to bring into hatred and contempt the whole system of our laws and constitution.
Sayfa 79 - O'er PITT'S the mournful requiem sound, And Fox's shall the notes rebound. The solemn echo seems to cry, — " Here let their discord with them die. Speak not for those a separate doom, Whom Fate made Brothers in the tomb ; But search the land of living men, Where wilt thou find their like agen...
Sayfa 476 - Christian nationality; the three allied princes themselves only considering themselves as delegated by Providence to govern three branches of one and the same family, to wit: Austria, Prussia...
Sayfa 109 - March, his lordship, in lieu of the proposed clauses, moved to bring in a bill for "enabling his majesty to avail himself of the services of all his subjects, in his naval and military forces, on their taking the prescribed oath of allegiance ;" for, to grant this privilege to Catholics and deny it to Protestants, would have been manifestly unjust.
Sayfa 485 - ... attempts which have been made to take advantage of the distresses of the country, for the purpose of exciting a spirit of sedition and violence. I am too well convinced of the loyalty and good sense of the great body of his Majesty's subjects, to believe them capable of being perverted by the arts which are employed to seduce them ; but I am determined to omit no precautions for preserving the public peace, and for counteracting the designs of the disaffected...

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