The English Woman's Journal, 8. cilt

Ön Kapak
English Woman's Journal Company, 1862

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Sayfa 381 - Oh, how it refresheth my heart, to think, that I shall yet again see thy sweet face in the land"^ of the living ! — that lovely countenance, that I have so much delighted in, and beheld with so great content...
Sayfa 381 - Our boys are well and cheerful, and have no mind of home. They lie both" with me, and sleep as soundly in a rug (for we use no sheets here) as ever they did at Groton; and so I do myself, (I praise God...
Sayfa 379 - MY MOST SWEET HUSBAND, — How dearly welcome thy kind letter was to me, I am not able to express. The sweetness of it did much refresh me. What can be more pleasing to a wife, than to hear of the welfare of her best beloved, and how he is pleased with her poor endeavours ! I blush to hear myself commended, knowing my own wants. But it is your love that conceives the best, and makes all things seem better than they are. I wish that I may be always pleasing to thee, and that those comforts we have...
Sayfa 239 - ... Lays her gentle hand in mine. And she sits and gazes at me With those deep and tender eyes, Like the stars, so still and saint-like, Looking downward from the skies. Uttered not, yet comprehended, Is the spirit's voiceless prayer, Soft rebukes, in blessings ended, Breathing from her lips of air. O, though oft depressed and lonely, All my fears are laid aside, If I but remember only Such as these have lived and died!
Sayfa 380 - ... needs be a great trial to thee, and the greater, because I am so dear to thee. That which I must chiefly look at in thee, for a ground of contentment, is thy godliness. If now the Lord be thy God, thou must show it by trusting in him, and resigning thyself quietly to his good pleasure. If now Christ be thy Husband, thou must show what sure ,and sweet intercourse is between him and thy soul, when it shall be no hard thing for thee to part with an earthly, mortal, infirm husband for his sake.
Sayfa 383 - I pray consider of it, and give me the best counsel you can. Mr. Wilson is now in London, and promised me to come and see you. He cannot yet persuade his wife to go, for all he hath taken this pains to come and fetch her. I marvel what mettle she is made of. Sure she will yield at last, or else we shall want him exceedingly in New England.
Sayfa 381 - Mondays and Fridays, at five of the clock at night, we shall meet in spirit till we meet in person. Yet if all these hopes should fail, blessed be our God, that we are assured we shall meet one day, if not as husband and wife, yet in a better condition.
Sayfa 136 - ... been no lack Of passers to and fro. " Within the narrow street This childhood ever played ; Beyond the narrow street • This manhood never strayed ; This age sat still and prayed Anear the trampling feet. " The tread of ceaseless feet . Flowed through his life, unstirred By waters' tall, or fleet Wind music, or the bird Of morn, — these sounds are sweet, But they were still unheard.
Sayfa 18 - His looks are full of peaceful majesty; His head by nature fram'd to wear a crown, His hand to wield a sceptre; and himself Likely in time to bless a regal throne.
Sayfa 34 - L'AIR était pur ; un dernier jour d'automne, En nous quittant arrachait la couronne Au front des bois ; Et je voyais, d'une marche suivie, Fuir le soleil, la saison et ma vie, Tout à la fois.

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