The History of the Reformation of the Church of England: A collection of records, letters, and original papers, with other instruments referred to in the first [and second] part[s] ... [Appendices] concerning some of the errors and falsehoods in Sanders' book of the English schism

Ön Kapak
Clarendon Press, 1865
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Sayfa 320 - Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostrae commendationis, hortationis, requisitionis, donationis, concessionis, assignationis, constitutionis, deputationis, decreti, mandati, inhibitionis et voluntatis infringere, vel ei ausu temerario contraire. Si quis autem hoc attentare praesumpserit, indignationem Omnipotentis Dei ac Beatorum Petri et Pauli Apostolorum ejus se noverit incursurum.
Sayfa 277 - ... enemies, withdraw your princely favour from me; neither let that stain, that unworthy stain of a disloyal heart towards your good grace, ever cast so foul a blot on your most dutiful wife, and the infant princess your daughter.
Sayfa 277 - Boleyn; with which name and place I could willingly have contented myself, if God and your Grace's pleasure had been so pleased. Neither did I at any time so...
Sayfa 266 - Christ is corporally, really, and in the very substance exhibited, distributed and received of all them which receive the said sacrament; and that therefore the said sacrament is to be used with all due reverence and honour, and that every man ought first to prove and examine himself, and religiously to try and search his own conscience, before he shall receive the same; according to the saying of St.
Sayfa 327 - Paraphrasis of Erasmus, also in English, upon the Gospels, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that they have cure of, whereas their parishioners may most commodiously resort unto the same, and read the same.
Sayfa 277 - Whereas you send unto me, willing me to confess a truth and so obtain your favour, by such an one whom you know to be mine ancient professed enemy, I no sooner received this message by him than I rightly conceived...
Sayfa 262 - Item, That the promise of grace and everlasting life, which promise is adjoined unto this sacrament of baptism, pertaineth not only unto such as have the use of reason, but also to infants, innocents, and children ; and that they ought, therefore, and must needs be baptized ; and that by the sacrament of baptism they do also obtain remission of their sins, the grace and favour of God, and be made thereby the very sons and children of God.
Sayfa 506 - Princes' laws, if they be against the canons and decrees of the Bishop of Rome, be of no force nor strength. " All the decrees of the Bishop of Rome ought to be kept perpetually of every man, without any repugnance, as God's word spoken by the mouth of Peter...
Sayfa 277 - God and your grace's pleasure had been so pleased. Neither did I at any time so far forget myself in my exaltation, or received queenship, but that I always looked for such an alteration as...
Sayfa 124 - Queen's most excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and the commons in this present Parliament assembled and by authority of the same...

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