The Inquisition Unmasked: Being an Historical and Philosophical Account of that Tremendous Tribunal, Founded on Authentic Documents; and Exhibiting the Necessity of Its Suppression, as a Means of Reform and Regeneration, Written and Published at a Time when the National Congress of Spain was about to Deliberate on this Important Measure, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak
Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1816

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Sayfa xxv - The Roman Catholic religion, the only true one, is, and always shall be, that of the Spanish nation. The government protects it by wise and just laws, and prohibits the exercise of any other whatever.
Sayfa 324 - ... that God God moved the hearts of the workmen, so as to overcome the great difficulties which occurred in the execution ; a circumstance strongly indicated by sixteen master-builders, with their workmen, tools, and materials, coming in unsolicited to offer their services to the overseer of the works ; and all persevered with such fervent zeal and constancy that, without reserving to themselves the customary hours for rest, and taking only the necessary time for food, they returned to their labour...
Sayfa 250 - For the torture by fire, the prisoner was placed with his legs naked in the stocks ; the soles of his feet were then well greased with lard, and a blazing chafing-dish applied to them, by the heat of which they became perfectly fried. When his complaints of the pain were loudest, a board was placed between his feet and the fire, and he was again commanded to confess, but this was taken away if he persisted in his obstinacy. This species of torture was deemed the most cruel of all ; but this, as well...
Sayfa 237 - Having thus gained his confidence, he shall go into his cell some day after dinner, and keeping up the conversation till night, shall remain with him, under pretext of its being too late for him to return home. He shall then urge the prisoner to tell him all the particulars of his...
Sayfa li - De nuestro Estado, nuestros Males, y su seguro y único Remedio, por Don Liberio Veranio y Español: folleto en 4to.
Sayfa 190 - ... from ties still more endearing, pines amidst damp seclusion and chill despair, and vainly invokes the names of objects which so lately thrilled him with pleasure. The dripping vaults re-echo the sighs of the aged father, no longer encircled by the fond endearments of a numerous progeny; all, in short, are condemned to drag existence amidst a death-like silence, and, as it were, immured from the sight of their weeping relatives.
Sayfa 254 - Instructions' itself calls agony, his limbs stiff and sore, and his strength debilitated, he was called upon to give fresh proofs of his constancy, and again endure the horrid spectacle, as well as the repetition of excruciating pangs, tending to rend his whole frame to pieces." But enough, and more than enough has been brought forward, on this inhuman and revolting practice of men, who nevertheless style themselves priests of the compassionate Redeemer ! ! Rather may we not call them and does not...
Sayfa 250 - V.) also called that of water and ropes, and the one most commonly used, was inflicted by stretching the victim, naked as before, on his back along a wooden horse or hollow bench with sticks across, like a ladder, and prepared for the purpose. To this his feet, hands, and head were strongly bound, in such manner as to leave him no room to move.
Sayfa 90 - Sed venit hora, et nunc est, quando veri adoratores adorabunt Patrem in spiritu et veritate. Nam et Pater taies quasrit, qui adorent eum. Spiritus est Deus : et eos qui adorant eum, in spiritu et veritate oportet adorare.
Sayfa 240 - But wherefore thus your well-known zeal detain ? Go faithful peers and partners of my reign, • My pride and strength! our hated foes oppress, And crush their empire ere its pow'r increase; Haste (ere destruction end...

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